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Jan 7, 2012 08:46 PM

sidecar san luis obispo

we stumbled on this gem by accident and it was serendipity supreme. On a Tue evening post New year it was pretty quiet - menu is limited 4 main course choices but food was creative, flavorful, fresh and amazing. We didnt have any starters - we had our 6 yr old with us for whom hanging out in restaurants is not a priority. However they offered several very tempting salads - kale with persimmons and pomegrantaes, a burrata salad. The 4 main courses on offer were fish stew , which they were out of , hearst ranch burger with homemade smoked ketchup and kimchi, papardelle with mushrooms, celery salsa, smoked olive oil and cannelli beanstew with tree mushrooms . My son loved the burger and I tasted it (and ate the kimchi which was a greta original touch) and the meat was good and flavorful and ketchup added a very nice touch. I had the papardelle which were wonderful - smoked oil giving it a really interesting twist and celery salsa adding a hint of green. M husband 's bean stew was also delicious. Alas they were out of the apple tart tatin with cheddar cheeseicecream.They have a good wine list both bottle and glass and waiter was helpful with suggestions on what to pair. They also have a superb list of beers on tap and again great guidance. If you're in SLO it's a not to be missed. Prices were reasonable with all dishes except fish stew under $20 and I think the stew was $21.

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  1. I live in SLO. Where is sidecar ?

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    1. re: Bruce in SLO

      1127 Broad St
      San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
      (805) 540-5340

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        Sidecar appears to be in the block of Broad between Higuera and March, in the spot vacated by Broad St Tavern.