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Jan 7, 2012 08:41 PM


New to Fort Lauderdale and find it very frustrating going out. The first few times my friends and I went out (40s, 50s and a very young 60) we were by far the oldest in the crowd. Then we went to a few other places where we were told we might be more comfortable, and everyone was 75 to 90. Seriously. We are so disappointed. We are either the mommys or the granddaughters. Where can we go in Broward County where most people are between forty and sixty. We did find one place that was Great, that was The Field, but we've been there three times in the last month. While it is great, we would like some variety. Are there friendly places for people our age with decent food. Really, what we want more than anything is to have fun and not feel either really old (my two boys, 19 and 21 are having a great time and my parents 78 and 80 have a great social life) Where do us "tweens" go for fun? Thanks. Boston where I am from is so much easier and has SO MANY places for people our age to hang out. One of my friends is from New York and the other is from "Philly" and they say they've never had this problem before. Where does a 50 year old go (young in spirit if not in age) to have fun.

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  1. zucherellos (spelling)?
    Houston's- long wait but amazing food.. get the artichokes!!!
    cafe ragazzi

    1. Don't know about the fun factor, but when it comes to food factor, my first choice in FTL is always Eduardo De San Angel.

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        Bistro Mezzaluna off of 17th st. causeway.

      2. the crowd at Grateful Palate seemed about that age when i was there. and the food was awesome!

        Hi Life Cafe is also a good choice around that age group, and a little quieter/less busy

        1. Zucherellos's definitely gets an older crowd. In addition to what was mentioned below, try J. Mark's& Valentino's. You didn't mention what kinds of food you like.

          1. We too are from Bostonand have been here for three years and had the same experience as you are having when we first got here. However, our focus is always on the food and that was a tougher hurdle to overcome - still is. Some of our favorites that we have cutivated - and several are already on the lists below - are Timpano - great vibe, good crowd, allways consistently good food and fab music on the weekends. Right on Los Olas. A new arrival and one that we love is Dapur - Indonesian fusions food mixed with other Asian cuisines and very well executed. As mentioned below, HI LIfe and Grateful Palate are also good ones. Please try Market 17 - also a fairly new but very stylish and someone int hekithcene cares and knows what they are doing. You will never replace what you had in Boston so don't even try. Just get used to the fact that most places just dumb down the food for the average American palate and somewhere along the way forgot that there is such a thing as salt and pepper!! Have fun and when you find a really good on - send us a note and a report. Bon Appetit!