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Jan 7, 2012 08:33 PM

Best restaurant to order fish and best place to buy fish in St-Martin

Will be in St-Martin next week for 10 weeks and need some recommendations for fish and seafood!


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  1. While you can purchase seafood in places like Grand Marche or Market Garden (2 American style supermarkets), you might want to check out Skip Jack's in Simpson Bay. It is a restaurant that also sells fish retail.

    1. The market in Marigot is on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Get there early for lcoally caught fresh fish.

      1. Grande Case has a plethora of dining spots for fresh fish but regretfully many serve Parrot Fish and other non sustainable fish. Please avoid Grouper and head to where they serve Mahi Mahi. Le Petite Auberge de Isles used to be nice.