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Jan 7, 2012 05:52 PM

Parkway "pizza and beer" Theater to Live Again in Oakland’s Uptown

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  1. The spot they picked is an interesting choice. It's a one-story warehouse that's only a few doors east of Telegraph Ave and 24th Street, about 30 yards from the large Korean market, Koreana Plaza. The Oakland Art Murmur seems to be doing well with its First Friday events centered around Telegraph and 23rd Street and expanding to include many of the galleries opening every Saturday afternoon. If this new Parkway made arrangements to offer or allow patrons to bring in food from the nearby Korean, Middle Eastern and Uptown establishments, it could be an appealing way to spend an afternoon or evening watching their movies.

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    1. re: zippo

      Is that the space where they've been setting up food stands during Art Murmur?

      They're going to serve food, so bringing in food from other places will presumably be discouraged.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        it's very close. the theatre will be on 24th Street and most of the Art Murmur food trucks and stands set up on 23rd Street with a few trucks on 25th Street. There was a police crackdown on the trucks Friday, Dec 2 for permit violations but it sounds like they may work out an arrangement to allow the vendors back in once the city figures out what its policy is.

        I talked to a gallery operator last Friday who said that she received a notice to stop serving wine.

        Never went to the old Parkway and don't know what their policy was on outside food, but even if they don't allow it in, I'm hoping that the new Parkway makes some arrangement with the nearby food trucks, Middle Eastern and Korean places, etc. to serve their food inside rather than just pizza and hot dogs. Just a wish.

        1. re: zippo

          I'm not talking about trucks. Last time I did Art Murmur there was a huge warehouse space on the north side of 24th that had food stands, a movie being projected on one wall, and people doing big paintings on some other walls. There's a door at the back that connects to one of the spaces on 25th St.

          Even non-restaurant movie theaters make most of their money on concessions.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            here's a link to the google street view of the new Parkway leased space (474 24St.) as I understand it . there's a large apt. bldg. on the right (east side). haven't been inside-


            1. re: zippo

              Yeah, I looked at that. From the satellite view, I'm sure that's the space I'm talking about. They'll need to do a fair amount of work. Seems like parking and traffic might be issues in getting the necessary permits.

          2. re: zippo

            They plan on serving other foods besides "pizza and hotdogs"

            The pizza at the old Parkway was quite upscale as well as their beer options.

            1. re: zippo

              The old Parkway (not to be confused with the theatre's original incarnation) never was "just pizza and hot dogs." It may not have been swanky gourmet fare, but the Parkway served pizza that was made in house, hummus, salads, and nachos (that did not include cheese from a can), among other things. If they're going to the expense of putting in a kitchen, I think they're entitled to the profits from food consumed on their premises. If they provide or allow food from outside vendors, they need to get a cut. Given the low margins of some if these ventures, I'm not sure that will fly. I guess they could sell outside vendors' products, but I expect they would have to charge more for them.

              1. re: lexdevil

                I think the Cerrito's menu is pretty much the same as the old Parkway's.


                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  It appears to have had some additions, but I'd say it's 70% the same.

                  1. re: lexdevil

                    They're trying, and I wish them well, but the food isn't very good.

        2. The New Parkway is scheduled to open November 30th.

          According to Angela Woodall in the Oakland Tribune: "... the new owner does plan to improve the quality and speed of the food, offer cleaner sofas and bathrooms, and hire, as Caesar put it, a 'dourless staff.'"

          The New Parkway
          474 24th St
          Oakland, CA 94612

              1. re: zippo

                I find the New Parkway menu strangely unappetizing on many levels.

                The downloadable PDF menu visually looks funky.

                The copy is poorly written and kinda creepy.

                Plus a lot of the food sounds like something I would never want to see,smell,let alone eat...


                THE BASIC*(pizza ), $3.50/SLICE

                "ZERO BEEF BURGER, TOPPED OFF*, $7.50

                HOT MEAT OF THE DAY, $8"