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Cuisinart DLC PowerPrep Plus: dough speed problem?

Capn Jimbo Jan 7, 2012 05:12 PM

Help! Recently bought a used 2014C 14-cup PowerPrepPlus and here's what I noted.

The four buttons are "off", "on", "pulse" and "dough".

Press the "on" button and it starts quickly and settles into a nice fast spin. When I add the "dough" button (while it is already spinning) I hear a change of tone, but the speed seems about the same. "Pulse" works fine.

I thought the "dough" button was supposed to slow the speed down, but at least when it's empty the "on" speed and "on with dough" speed seem to be about the same. Is this proper? Does this model require a heavy load of dough to slow down? Is this processor defective?

Just what does the dough button accomplish - I can't see any difference. Thanks...

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    Capn Jimbo Jan 7, 2012 07:43 PM

    For the benefit of others, I'm going to answer my own question based on a review I found after I posted this question. Here's the answer -

    "But the cool thing here is that the option for kneading dough is automatically sensitive to density. When kneading dough with the Prep Plus, the processor will adjust the speed all on its own -- not overworking the dough, saving mechanical strength. Win-win." In other words the "dough" control IS sensitive to dough and its density. When I ran the processor empty, there was no need to slow it down.

    Hope that helps others....

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