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Jan 7, 2012 04:48 PM

Looking for 3 recommendations

Couple looking for 3 restaurants to try on a visit. Able to pay. Favor French but don't like stuffy old places. Wine lovers, but hate to overspend (have own wine cellar). One thing we would like to find is an upscale, comfortable restaurant that offers first-rate fresh oysters (don't want place that closes early and has sawdust on the floor).
With regard to restaurants, considering Quince, but ingredients look a little precious. Is it really good? Staying at Ritz--is that restaurant worth a dinner?

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  1. Zuni for oysters. Some good values on the wine list.

    1. The chef/ownership of Quince has opened a place close by called Cotogna that is very highly regarded and offers simpler, more rustic food.


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        Cotogna's great, but not the same kind of place as Quince at all.

      2. The Ritz just completely revamped their restaurant, but the same (highly regarded) chef and staff are still in place. A couple of early reports have been positive. Worth a look, since you're there.

        La Folie is the top French restaurant in town, and not stuffy.

        1. Zazie for french-ish but unstuffy food.

          Also try Aziza for a new spin on upscale Moroccan/New American - really one of a kind, can't-miss experience.

          The Ferry Building is also an experience, and Hog Island Oyster Co is a treat.

          1. Casual French, try Fringale. Not sure about the wine list but you can check.