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Jan 7, 2012 04:20 PM

Washed the copper right off of my vintage Revere pan......anyone heard of this?

I've never cooked with any type of copper cookware before and I bought a vintage Revere 10 in. copper bottom pan to try out. After I cooked something in it I sat it on a cool burner for a little while and washed a few dishes, then put the Revere pan in the sink and started washing it. As soon as I turned the pan over to wash the outside I saw that the copper had basically disappeared! I know I should not have put it in the sink before it was completely cooled but I didn't think it was that hot and I didn't know the copper could just wash off. Btw, the pan did not warp and still sits flat. Did I ruin it because it was too warm when I washed it? I can't find any information on this. Thank you!

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  1. I have never heard of this before. My mother used here Revereware daily for almost 40 years without the copper wearing out.

    1. Are you sure the copper is gone and not just discolored?

      1. I have never heard of this, and I have used this line of cookware.

        1. Is it a blackish color on the bottom? If yes, try using a cleaner specifically for cleaning copper. If you were able to wash the copper off that would be v. cool, but unlikely. I use my mother's copper revere pots which are about 50 years old and the copper is still there.

          1. Did you buy this on ebay? This is speculation. If you cannot get the copper color to come back using copper cleaner, I would suspect that the pan has been treated. There was a line of Revere Ware that had aluminum bottoms, not copper. They are identical to the copper bottomed ones except that the bottoms are aluminum. I don't know how it could be done, but perhaps copper was painted over the aluminum. But--try cleaning it with copper cleaner, like Cameo, and then keep us posted.

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              Wow, thanks for replying everyone! YES, I bought it on ebay and I was worried it might have been treated, but the pan looked used, not like someone had re-coated the copper. To me it looked like he had probably used some sort of cleaner on it and scrubbed it pretty hard in places but at the same time it wasn't shiny and new looking if that makes sense. I washed it with dawn and a regular washcloth and dried it before cooking with it. There are still thin traces of copper, (sort of an yellow film) and on one side there's a large area of orange that is copper but discolored I guess. I will have to buy something to clean it with and post what happens, but the copper appears to be gone for the most part. Some of the area around the side of the pan is now dark pink, some looks pale yellow. Thanks

              1. re: chipom

                Query the seller. If he indicated that the bottom is copper, and it isn't, he should take it back. Perhaps someone here knows how to test whether the bottom is copper. But if copper cleaner brings it back, then you know. I wonder if it possible that the copper was scrubbed off? But surely that would not be possible? I like Kaleo's advice. The copper may be there, but discolored. Please keep us posted.