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Jan 7, 2012 04:04 PM

Shaka Shack

We'd seen the new store front while driving by a few times, finally wandered in. Got the Shaka Burger and a side of fries. Good value burger - I liked that it had more vegetables than a usual burger and I think it was on a sweet roll. The crinkle fries were really excellent. The decor is cute - lots of different ways to "sit down" for your meal. Will definitely go back.

Shaka Shack Burgers
1701 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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  1. Based on this, tried Shaka today. Nice little place, and the staff and particularly the woman who seemed to be the owner were trying very hard. Unfortunately, didn't love my lunch. The burgers on my double Shaka burger were very welldone and dry. The crinkle fries were dark but not crispy. $11 + change (and tax) for double-cheese combo w/ fries and fountain drink -- far from a bargain burger lunch.

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      Sorry to hear your experience didn't match ours. The fries we got were crispy. Our burgers were definitely medium. Could still be growing pains, we'll see on a return visit.

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        We had great burgers last night for our first visit. We both got the The Kobe Kahuna ½ lb. Kobe patty with wasabi mayo, portabello, baby romaine, swiss cheese and my burger was a perfect medium rare while my wife's medium well done was more of a medium. The "white truffle salt" crinkle cut fries were done dark and crispy. The only thing I think I would skip the next time would be the onion rings. I admit it's a little pricey for what it is. The food plus a coke and a lemonade came to $41. The guy who I took to be one of the owners did give us both free samples of their grilled corn with some sort of salty topping, which was good if a little too salty for my taste.