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Jan 7, 2012 03:45 PM

BMore hound down in Arlington -- tell me where to go!

sorry everyone, have no idea why this posted FOUR times, trying to figure out how to remove three of them!

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  1. You don't say if it is just for tonight, so I hope this is not too late.

    I would go to Bangkok Golden in Falls Church for the Lao menu. look for kao piak sen, nam kao, and mieng muang luang

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    1. re: Steve

      thx steve! not just for tonight -- i will be in Arlington for a couple days at least every other week, and it will vary between weekdays and weekends. i look forward to trying bangkok golden as per your rec and will report back. also looking forward to full kee in bailey's xroads!


      1. re: mgienow

        The only place I know if Ray's Hell Burger. For me it more than lived up to the hype.

        1. re: kukubura

          2nd Rays hell burger. i had the pepper encrusted steakburger with melted brie and a piece of faux gras....fantastic

          also for sandwiches is the Italian Store which has great hoagies! just like Philadelphia

        2. re: mgienow

          Way too many better choices than Full Key in Bailey's X-roads.

          In the same area, I recommend Jerusalem (Palestinian) for the makhusan Makluba is a good second choice. All items like baba ganouj are very good.

          Also, Eyo for Ethiopian in the Skyline area, very high quality throughout. Vegetarian platter, derek tibs. They also have an appetizer which is injera soaked in shiro and then toasted.

          Other recs in NoVa which you maybe you can't find in B'more:

          Myanmar for the ginger salad, tomato tofu, fried watercress

          Lunch only - Fairfax Inn, Falls Church for the Daing Na Bangus (Filipino marinated milkfish), Luzmilla's (Bolivian, saltenas, sopa de mani)

          If you've never had a saltena, and can only get out for dinner, then go to La Caraquena in Falls Church. Also good Venezuelan arepas - I like the domino arepa.

          There is a really good Sichuan restaurant, in Falls Church (Hong Kong Palace), but the other Chinese here can't touch Grace Garden which is closer to you.

          1. re: Steve

            Steve, since Saltenas are back on the radar, so to speak, it may be time for the CIA/CENTCOM directive on eating Saltenas in the proper manner should be shared on this site.

            1. re: Ziv

              Great stuff!
              They should make everyone pass a test before letting people order a saltena.

      2. Still love Pho 75 for tai nam gan, delicious. French drip coffee brewed on top of your cup with a dollop of condensed/sweetened milk is great too.
        Taqueria el Caminante Charito on Wash Blvd is good, the goat tacos are best, lengua next, chicken and chorizo are only ok.
        We have Eden Center which is a little bit of Viet Nam in Arlington/Falls Church, my favorite is Hu Tieu Mi cafe for not surprisingly their Hu Tieu which is really good, their cha gio is good too. No credit cards if memory serves.
        Crisp and Juicy is my favorite for peruvian rotisserie chicken, crisp delicious skin and great sides. A simple beans and rice is delicious.
        Thai Square for a nearly Thai type of Thai food, which is pretty amazing. Anything with pork belly or basil is great. Bangkok 54 is almost as good and looks much fancier. Both on Columbia Pike.

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        1. re: Ziv

          Shows how little I know about geography. I didn't realize that Eden Center is that close. That place is really awesome and highly recommended, especially if you have time to wander around and check out lots of little places.

          1. re: kukubura

            Kukubura, it is 0.9 mile from EFC Metro to Eden center, so it is a bit of a walk but worth it. You start in Arlington's East Falls Church Metro stop, (we have so many we let Falls Church in on our western one) and you go south on Sycamore past the dog park until Sycamore's name changes to Roosevelt, which is when you know you are in Falls Church. A few blocks later at the top of a slight rise, you see Eden Center to your right with a huge yellow and red flag of the Republic of Vietnam. Hu Tieu is beyond the flag. And as you noted, it is well worth exploring, though more so in the day time. Gets slightly seedy after dark.

            1. re: Ziv

              Dinner time or weekends is my favorite time to hit Eden Center, when it is lively. All lit up at night, very pretty, and they've cleaned up the place nicely.

          2. re: Ziv

            wow, guys, thanks, this is really helpful. i'm driving around every time i'm down there feeling totally overwhelmed by all the choices -- so much more than bmore! i'm happy to hear that crisp and juicy is still there, i had great chicken there a DECADE ago --

            will report back in as i try places! might start with thai, since bmore thai is sort of uninspired...


          3. Ravi Kabob on Glebe Road. Nothing like it in Baltimore, with possible exception of 1000 Kabobs (but Ravi is better and more varied).

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            1. re: lawhound

              Except for Meiwand Kebab in Hanover, which is awesome.

            2. pupatella neapolitan pizza (wilson blvd, west of george mason drive) on thursdays, fridays or saturdays. get the burrata platter.

              hong kong pearl and xo taste are good cantonese. technically in falls church, like eden center and bangkok golden and hong kong palace.

              also falls church, raaga indian. chef will do off menu. for special requests, call in advance. good lunch buffet on saturday especially. tandoori stuff is very good. spinach chaat is good appetizer.

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              1. re: alkapal

                mgienow, XO Taste will knock your socks off coming from Bmore where all we have is Szechuan, Szechuan House and memories of White Rice Inn.

              2. To add to the list: Liberty Tavern is always very good.
                I love the frankfurters at Lyon Hall and their soft pretzel sticks, both on their happy hour menu, although they have lots of dinner items that are good.
                Screwtop Wine Bar is really, really a gem. Excellent cheese, sandwiches, lasagna, etc.
                Earl's is good for sandwiches.
                Rabbit is nice for a lighter meal.