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Jan 7, 2012 03:32 PM

Celebration dinner at kid-friendly restaurant?

We recently moved the area so aren't that familiar with the options, but are looking for a restaurant at which to celebrate my father's 65th birthday where his grandchildren - 3.5 and 1.5 years - will be welcome. We're open to anywhere in Philadelphia, on the mainline, or close to those areas. We're open to all cuisines but we definitely want it to have that special, not a typical dinner out, feel.

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  1. My sister had her wedding dinner (about 20 people) in a private room at Ruth's Chris Steak House on Broad Street when my daughter was 3 and my brother-in-law's nieces were 1 and 3. It was a wonderful experience - the food was good, the staff were very attentive, and being able to shut the door and let the toddlers roam a bit when they got antsy was just the ticket to ensuring that everyone was able to relax and enjoy themselves. Our daughter has been going to restaurants since she was an infant and often gets complimented on her behavior, but the challenge with toddlers in restaurants is their NEEDING to move around at a certain point and your needing to be respectful of other diners. A private room will help you contain them while still allowing them some freedom.

    I'm sure other people can give more recommendations for special-occasion restaurants with private rooms, either in town or out on the Main Line. Good luck!

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      Thanks! A private room is a great idea and one I had briefly thought of. Our 3-year-old daughter also has been out to eat probably twice a week for her entire life, but with the 2 kids together the excitement and noise factor definitely builds. We'll probably have 10 people, including the 2 children, so we'd need one that didn't require a very large group or commitment to a set menu. A traditional steak house isn't our first choice, my parents are pretty well traveled and adventurous food-wise, but it's a great backup option if there isn't anything else that fits the bill.

      Any thoughts on KOO ZEE DOO? The family-style service makes me think kids would be okay, but I have no sense of the formality of the space.

    2. There are two private rooms @ Margaret Kuo's in Wayne. They seat about 10-12 people I believe.
      They can get quite fancy for special occasions.