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Jan 7, 2012 01:10 PM

Favorite Mollie Katzen recipes?

I have several of Mollie Katzen's cookbooks but I feel like I don't use them enough. I have made some of her recipes that I love as well as some that were very disappointing, so I would like to hear what you all recommend. I have revised copies of Moosewood and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, Still Life with Menu, Sunlight Cafe, and Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without. Thanks!

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  1. i had the 1st 2 back in the day, but i was also a vegetarian at the time. when bacon came back into my life i got rid of those books. even at that, i never was all that pleased with recipes i tried. the dishes seemed heavy and all the baked goods came out overly dense.

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      In the revised version of Moosewood that I have, the recipes have been lightened and her newer books seem to have increasingly lighter, more veggie-laden. You should check them out! As for non-yeast baked goods, I have found that they are generally overly dense as well...

    2. Mushroom Moussaka from the Moosewood Cookbook is usual winter fare in our home (but, I dice the eggplants, not slice them). Also, Stuffed Eggplant II, "Mimi's Eggplant", is good. But, I will have to agree that after looking over my notes in the books, the majority got a "don't make again" comment.

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        Oh, forgot to add it was an early printing...

      2. the Moosewood cardamom coffeecake (original) and the challah from still life with menu are go to recipes for me. There is a sweet potato recipe with bananas in Still life that i love and I made solyanka the other day for probably the hundredth time, though I did leave out the sour cream in favor of yogurt (not greek yogurt).

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            Yes, the cardamom coffeecake is the best there is. I know for a fact that a famous restaurant in NYC bakes this, then toasts the slices and serves it with vanilla ice cream for an expensive menu item. Personally, I also add blueberries to the batter, so it is "blueberry cardamom coffeecake." I also substitute some of the sour cream with yogurt.

            Other recipes I still make, 35 years later -- the mushroom strudel (I usually make individual triangles to pass at parties) and at least twice every winter, the Russian Cabbage Borscht (putting in, like, twenty times the dill the recipe calls for).

          2. My copies are from the 80's, early to mid.

            Her recipe for whole wheat bread, is to this day, my fav. And I love that she gives you the choices of how dense you want it to be. (Today, many recipes encourage the use of a "biga" or starter, but she was the first for me - and I was a big cookbook reader!)

            I also make her moosewood mushroom bulgar soup often. Just last week in fact. I don't use tamari, I use a scant tsp. of balsamic vinegar or a good dollop of red wine, but other than that, just about the same. It is very yummy and healthy. Happy cooking!

            1. In Sunlight Cafe, I've tried a number of her muffin recipes which were all great: pumpkin, bran, ricotta, chocolate....all very good and I liked the suggestions for variations of sweetness (I prefer not as sweet).
              In Still Life With Menu: broiled marinated eggplant is one of my summer staples. Have won over some eggplant-haters with it! Also, balsamic roasted green beans, wilted spinach salad, southwest black bean salad, her Thanksgiving recipes....many good other ones I can't recall at the moment.

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                I love those muffin recipes! I think Sunlight Cafe might be my most-used of her books, followed by the Enchanting Broccoli Forest.

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                  Same here. I appreciate that she makes them tweak-able to be less sweet or have more protein. These are muffins I can actually eat (no sugar crash!).

                  She had a cooking show a number of years back on PBS, too bad it didn't continue.