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Jan 7, 2012 01:03 PM

Need a garnish/topping for my squash soup

On request, I am making a large batch of roasted garlic and butternut squash soup for work on Monday. I am going to put it in a crock pot, but was hoping to have a couple of options for toppings. Since there is roasted garlic and roasted shallots and all else is vegetarian, I was going to do a small cream for those who are so inclined, but was thinking of something crispy. Any ideas? Pancetta?

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  1. This is going to sound weird, but how about cornichons (or gerkins)? That nice salty, tart bite of the cucumbers lends a nice dimension to thick squash soup.

    1. Parmesan/herb popcorn is nice and crispy (at first, and then of course takes on a different texture as it stays in soup) and can be easily made at home and stored in zip-lock bags. Also, pepitas or pumpkin seeds make a nice crunchy topping. We love that here. No reason you couldn't use pancetta at all; yum!! Croutons are an option, purchased or made by you Tortilla chips would work, crushed.

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        Or toast the seeds from the squash with salt, oil and a bit of paprika (or cumin, or whatever goes well with the soup)!

      2. I love roasted sunflower seeds on anything with squash. You can buy them already roasted [they are called Pepitas in my store] or buy them raw and roast them yourself which saves some money.

        1. Not crunchy but pretty is a parsley oil.

          1. What about crispy shallots or onions?
            Roasted chickpeas?

            I always thought pepitas were pumpkin seeds (not sunflower seeds) but both could work, too!


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              You are right! I mistyped. Sorry bout that.