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Need a garnish/topping for my squash soup

On request, I am making a large batch of roasted garlic and butternut squash soup for work on Monday. I am going to put it in a crock pot, but was hoping to have a couple of options for toppings. Since there is roasted garlic and roasted shallots and all else is vegetarian, I was going to do a small cream for those who are so inclined, but was thinking of something crispy. Any ideas? Pancetta?

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  1. This is going to sound weird, but how about cornichons (or gerkins)? That nice salty, tart bite of the cucumbers lends a nice dimension to thick squash soup.

    1. Parmesan/herb popcorn is nice and crispy (at first, and then of course takes on a different texture as it stays in soup) and can be easily made at home and stored in zip-lock bags. Also, pepitas or pumpkin seeds make a nice crunchy topping. We love that here. No reason you couldn't use pancetta at all; yum!! Croutons are an option, purchased or made by you Tortilla chips would work, crushed.

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        Or toast the seeds from the squash with salt, oil and a bit of paprika (or cumin, or whatever goes well with the soup)!

      2. I love roasted sunflower seeds on anything with squash. You can buy them already roasted [they are called Pepitas in my store] or buy them raw and roast them yourself which saves some money.

        1. Not crunchy but pretty is a parsley oil.

          1. What about crispy shallots or onions?
            Roasted chickpeas?

            I always thought pepitas were pumpkin seeds (not sunflower seeds) but both could work, too!


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              You are right! I mistyped. Sorry bout that.

            2. I make a pumpkin/squash soup inspired by two soups that I had back to back in NY several years ago. I start the soup with pancetta, then set it aside and crumble it for a garnish. I also combine that with pomegranate seeds. If you didn't want the meat, the pomegranate seeds alone are nice and if the soup is thick enough will float on top.

              1. Crisy onions or leek "chips" (bake separated slices about 1-4 inch thick) might be good. You could also fry some leafy herbs in oil like sage to crisp them. Recently, on The Kitchn website, they suggested an almond-garlic topping that I haven't tried but it sounds good: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/so...

                1. I think pancetta would be good. Also/or fried sage leaves.

                  1. I am going to make:
                    fried sage leaves, pumpkin leaves, pancetta crisps, chop up some gherkins, crispy shallots (do I bread and fry or just fry those or do I bake them)?

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                      The shallots you want to slice thinly and deep-fry 'til golden. No breading.
                      Pumpkin leaves?

                    2. Homemade croutons. I would cut the stale bread and sauté in seasoned butter.