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Jan 7, 2012 12:55 PM

Mexican Coca-Cola [moved from New Jersey board]

I had read that it is better tasting than the Coke that is made with high fructose corn syrup.

Well, I saw them at Wegmans in Freehold in the beverage area for the take-out food.
Didn't see any on the shelves in the beverages aisle.
I bought a bottle just to see how it is.
It is in the refrigerator now "chilling".

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  1. I saw a report of a taste test of Mexican Coke vs regular Coke and a couple other drinks. (It might have been on CH.) Mexican Coke finished low, behind regular Coke.

    1. Kenji did a pretty detailed Food Labs blind taste of Mexican vs. American Coke. The bottom like is - there are two types of Coke drinkers - feelers and tasters. Feelers prefer to drink out of glass bottles, so they prefer Mexican coke. Tasters don't care about the vessel the drinks are handed to them in, and they ended up preferring American Coke.

      1. The Wegman's in Manalapan has stocked the Mexican Coke in it's "ethnic" food section (that's also where one'll find Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray, too), not in the soda pop aisles. I bought a case of it a couple of years ago there. They've since "re-organized" that store and I can't find anything I typically go there specifically to buy (Grandma Brown's Beans, and Polar's Dry Orange and Cape Cod Cranberry Sodas), so don't know if the Mexi-Coke is still on the shelves.

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          It's usually sold around Passover. Corn is levened, sugar is not.

          1. re: syrup09

            The local Coke bottler(s) make the yellow cap "Kosher" Coke I buy around Passover. IIRC, they list "sucrose" as the sweetener, so that includes either cane or beet sugar.

            I imagine the appeal of the Mexican Coke includes being bottled in glass as well as using cane sugar.

            1. re: JessKidden

              Glass bottles don't breathe, so you can use less carbonation, which means less acid gets produced, which means fewer off flavors and less bitterness.

          2. re: JessKidden

            The Shop Rite in Ocean (by SeaView Square mall) has it in their ethnic section.

          3. I much prefer the Coke with real sugar. Surprisingly, the Bridegwater Costco has been selling it by the case. The Pepsi Throwback or Flashback (or whatever it is called) is also made with sugar, but it is too sweet for me.

            1. I'm not a big soda drinker to begin with, but when I was in Mexico a few years ago, everyone talked about how much better it was. To me, it was too sweet, but so is American coke. Although I do find the Mexican coke sweeter than American. So it depends on how you define better - I between the two, I don't really have a preference, I like them both about the same. But a friend who is a big soda drinker prefers Mexican.