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Jan 7, 2012 11:52 AM

Foodie Facebook Pages

Wondering if anyone out there is a food blogger and has a FaceBook page. I'd love to follow some great foodie related pages.

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  1. I don't facebook.
    although I do have a blog, I have no idea how to use it so therefore it's not used. :(

    1. Most blogger don't use a Facebook page. I recommend joining a different type of network like cookeatshare or food buzz. Another route to go is find a good blogger and read their blogroll and then subscribe to rss feeds through something like google reader. Facebook isn't really set up for that kind of thing.

      1., and are all on Fracebook. I'm sure there are many more. Bloggers on FB usually have a link to their FB page on their blog.

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 is also on FB but, it's not that great. For one thing, when they do add a photo of something it doesn't show up on my newsfeed like say a news site I like (And (I've tried to resolve this to no avail. Every other site/thing I "like" automatically comes up on my newsfeed when they post something. Epi does not. Frustrating) . And second they barely post anything. So it's really not worth it....yet

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            This. Tons of food bloggers have Facebook pages. You can find the links on their blog. If there are any blogs you like, it's worth looking for the FB page as well.

            I didn't know Lebovitz was on FB, thanks EM23. I love reading about his travels as well. Will be following him.

          2. Three Facebook pages I like are McSlim JB, Today Food and Saveur.

            1. My brother Orson W. has a great food blog called EatWellsLiveWells, with plenty of nice pictures of soon-to-be-devoured meals.

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                1. re: TrishUntrapped

                  LOL to be exact, "Orson" Wells. 8<D

                  We could never figure out why the youngest brother got the Orson moniker.