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Jan 7, 2012 11:39 AM

New Management Joko

We all know that the original Joko stretched jam karet (rubber time) to ridiculous extremes. I've noticed that Joko claims to be under new management. Has anyone gone? Comments?

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  1. This used to be Julia's Indonesian Kitchen on 65th? My one meal there was so bad we never returned.

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    1. re: tsquare

      Right. But your one meal was when it was Julia's or now when it is Joko's?

    2. I went as a party of 3 for lunch this past summer very soon after the management changed from Julia to Joko. After living in Green Lake for a few years I had always wanted to try Julia's, but by the time we made it there it had changed to Joko's. The place was empty when we arrived, and we were seated by who we assumed to be the owner.

      I don't remember the exact food we ordered, I would guess three different meat options. I think we asked the owner for suggestions. The food we had was not bad, though clearly not memorable at all. Each plate had 4 or 5 different components on it; rice, meat, vegetable, maybe a sauce or two. The memorable part was the very small portions we received which did not match the higher lunch price.

      If they are still in business now more than 6 months later, I would think it would be worth it to give them another try.

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      1. re: Mike CP

        Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.