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Jun 6, 2006 09:07 PM

Frozen Yogurt near Marina Del Rey

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Technically, I'm looking for frozen yogurt near Playa Vista where I live. Is there anything closer than Santa Monica? There's got to be something within a five mail radius, right!?!? Cold Stone's doesn't count, btw.

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  1. Isn't there a Penguin's in the little center that underwent massive remodeling right there in MdR -- the one w/ the CPK in the parking lot, a pier 1, Rainbow Acres, etc.?

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    1. re: Kivarita

      nope it's gone

      1. re: SpongeBobSquarePegs

        They will be reopening soon across the street on the Southeast Corner of Mindanao and Lincoln.

        It's not soon enough for me!

        1. re: mar52

          Penguins is open now (in the Tsuji No Hana center)

    2. It is not frozen yogurt, but much better: Try Lickety Split, that sells frozen custard, on that little stretch of Main Street in El Segundo.

      1. One of my favorite FY places is the Rainbow acres in the Marina Waterplace.

        The FY is $1.50 and you can get real frozen fruit for an additional $.50.

        To my taste much better than penguin's or such places.

        1. Well I dont know about you but I will drive as far as necessary for good frozen yogurt and my favorite spot in my hometown LA is Sparky's Frozen Yogurt on Main and Navy. I am a loyal customer that has been supporting their buisness for over 16 years and I'm only 18. They were first located in Pacific Palisades (south of Malibu, north of Santa Monica) but the rent is pricey and hardly any buisness ever remains for more than a couple of years except for the buisnesses with sky high prices (this did not include Sparky's. Anyways, they moved to Santa Monica and now that I am located in Irvine because I go to UCI, I have found another great frozen yogurt place, Golden Spoon I think this might even be better than Sparky's but luckily I dont have to really choose betweent the two. I drive back up to LA almost every weekend to see my parents and my dad and I always go to Sparky's when I come back. My favorite flavors are pistachio and pumpkin which are seasonal but my dads top choices are always there -- chocolate and raspberry! Great memories! Enjoy.