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Jan 7, 2012 10:45 AM

YOU GOTTA EAT HERE on the Food Network

Anyone else catch this new show? I really enjoyed FINALLY seeing a DINERS, DRIVE-INS and DIVES type show for Canada! Host, John Catucci is clever and entertaining IMO. Look forward to comparing notes with places I've been.

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  1. Oh wow, I didn't think I could dislike a host as much as Mr. Catucci... He makes Guy sound like easy listening elevator music. I've sat through 2 episodes to give it a chance but it's like nails on a chalk board. Don't know how they picked him to carry the show but I can't watch any more of it. Sorry...

    1. I'm with piano boy on this one as well. There's something inherently unlikeable about the way Mr. Catucci hosts the program. Perhaps it's the over the over-the-top exaggerations he makes, or his silly facial expressions he throws at the food and camera, but I'm just turned off from the show. The banter isn't enjoyable. It's more borderline obnoxious. I don't want to hear another, "that's my favourite, no that's my favourite". It's almost as if he's trying too hard to emulate Guy Fieri but then misses the mark.

      Also, I wonder why the blatant Triple D ripoff

      I'll give the show one more chance, but suspect that my dislike of the host will turn me off from any more of it

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      1. re: daeira

        Ditto piano boy and daeira!! Totally annoying!! But then again, what do you expect from a person who plays "Bus Driver Bob" on a CBC kid's show called the Doodlebops. I rest my case.

        1. re: Aislyn

          it might have been called a paycheque. besides, not nearly as painful to watch as "come dine with me canada".

          1. re: Aislyn

            Haha I totally knew I saw him somewhere before! Those damn Doodlef*cks!

            1. re: Aislyn

              LOL My kids went through a very short Doodlebops phase. The Wiggles phase was much much longer.

          2. The host tries even harder than Fiery if that's even humanly possible.

            1. I thought it was perfectly fine and it shouldn't surprise Cdns when these type of shows are duplicated etc in this country. Its hardly the 1st time. I thought it was a "light" show and its nice to see the host not dressed as if he's going surfing.

              1. I was at Diner Deluxe in Calgary when they were shooting their episode (hasn't aired yet). It was neat to see how a Food Network show tapes and how they get their best "food porn" shots. John C wasn't there at the time. We got to take home of the mac & cheese they used in the shoot too. Fun!

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                1. re: cellophane_star

                  That would be fun to watch! Too bad the host wasn't there. It would be nice to hear what he's like off camera. I find him very funny. I've seen him as a stand up comedian and he cracks me up. Maybe you have to have an Italian connection to get his humor? But I love the quick moment in the commercials for the show where a voice says, "tell me how you really feel" and he looks at the camera and simply says "ohhh!" Just the way he says it cracks me up every time.

                  1. re: Bluebanana

                    He's unbearable as a host. I haven't care for him since his doo-wops days. However, Come Dine With Me Canada that referenced earlier does a good job of making it Canadian but staying true to the original format. If you don't care for the original format you understandably won't enjoy the Canadian version but I think they did a nice job with it. Of course that show isn't about the food, nor was it ever really intended to be. For the third season they'll be traveling out West to Alberta and out East to PEI so it won't just be Come Dine With Me GTA.

                    1. re: jamesm

                      For some of us, the British version was better. Considering that it was filmed in and around Canada's largest metropolitan areas, what it revealed about the people wasn't very impressive. Largely forgettable.

                      1. re: Professional_Amateur

                        I *like* Come Dine with Me Canada! It's low brow entertainment but I think it's fun.

                        John Catucci on the hand is really, really annoying. I simply can't watch him and I watch a lot of Food Network.