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Jan 7, 2012 10:31 AM

[London] Waterloo options?

Next month, I'll be spending a few days somewhere round here (probably Premier Inn County Hall - as it's handy for my research at the Imperial War Museum).

I know of the Anchor & Hope and RSJ - and Masters, of course.

But am I mssing anywhere on the plot for a casual solo dinner? Baltic? Skylon?



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  1. The riverside walk makes it simple and pleasurable to get to Bourgh Market and all the cafes and restaurants that are in that area. It is also short walk across the river to places like Terroirs near Charing Cross Station.

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      If you're willing to take a 10 minute bus ride (these days road works may push it up to 15-20 minutes) south from Waterloo you'll find yourself in Bermondsey with all the new dining options in the area (Jose, etc). The 1 and 188 both go there; I'm sure there are others.

    2. There's La Barca that Limster has mentioned a few times. I think you'd like Anchor & Hope. Heck, get on the train and come to my house for a banquet. :-) The price is right.

      1. limster's recent post reminded me that very good Korean food is readily available in London.
        You might want to consider taking the tube to Holborn Station (10 minutes?). Asadal is on the corner. I like it a lot.

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          Or better yet - take the train from Waterloo to New Malden, for places like Hamgipak.

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            Just my opinion, but the food in New Malden is a notch higher than what's found at Asadal. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with Asadal and if one doesn't like to travel, it's a good spot.

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              Sorabol is reputed to be the best - from relative who lives in New Malden and also lived in Korea (and speaks Korean).

              1. re: PhilD

                Phil, we love Sorabol, and the food is excellent there, but other options in New Malden, like the Palace, are very close. Not all the restaurants do grilled meat and chicken, so Sorabol has the edge when it comes to that. Sorabol is often jam-packed, so it's nice to know there are other options very close by. Next to Sorabol is an excellent, large Indian grocery store.

          2. Take a walk round the back , about 5 minutes from you , to lower marsh. Lovely food stalls , vegan cafe called coopers, healthy indian called ruby murray, ok Japanese called Ishoko - the salted mackerel is my favourite - good miso soup and good wasabi dressing on salad , lots of greasy spoons and when you hit waterloo road turn right and try MastersSupafish . have fun.
            Have a drink in scooterworks on lowermarsh - my favourite bar in london which now has aperol or cherry vodka.

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              Another vote for Lower Marsh. As well as the market it's a really interesting area with lots of quirky, independent shops.

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                Coral Bay Cafe is one of the better greasy spoons on Lower Marsh. And don't forget the Mexican stall.

                Oh and one of the cheapest pints in London at the Lyceum Tavern over Waterloo Bridge on the Strand (£2.12, I believe)

              2. Thanks for the local tips. Looks like I'll be finding good eats without a schlep to New Malden

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                  If you are there on a Friday, there is a great food market down on the South Bank, at the back of the Royal Festival Hall.

                  1. re: pj26

                    It's open on Sundays and probably Saturdays too!

                    More here: