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Jan 7, 2012 09:27 AM

Restaurant advice for Baltimore


I'm planning a trip to Baltimore in March and would love some restaurant suggestions. We (my fiance and I, early 30s) will be staying in the Fell's Point area and are looking for anything from finer dining to holes in the wall.

Also, I'd love to have a recommendation for a nicer restaurant near the Lyric Opera House as we're going to the opera one night we are there.


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  1. The Black Olive in Fells' Point is an excellent seafood restaurant. Upscale.

    Charleston is Baltimore's finest restaurant for a fine-dining experience and it's in Harbor East, next door to Fells' Point.

    Brewer's Art on Charles Street is only a few blocks from the Lyric Opera House and has a wonderful menu. We ate there two weeks ago and the food, while on the rich side, was excellently prepared. The steak with the rosemary fries was perfectly executed and I washed it down with their own homebrewed Belgian style ale. Note that there's a popular front room bar and a quieter, more upscale back dining room if you prefer a "nicer" atmosphere.

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      There's a new place called Oyster House next to the Cat's Eye in Fells Point. Not fancy, but good. Had an excellent lobster roll and some nice slabs of fried cod with the fish and chips. Nice variety of fresh oysters. Also like Peters Inn. Cool bar, fresh local ingredients, daily menu.

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          Yes. Also, Jimmy's around the corner for breakfast.

    2. Jack's Bistro in Canton is great. Inventive food expertly cooked. No reservations and gets packed, so might be good to go early.

      In Fell's Point:

      For really good burgers I like Kooper's Tavern.

      There are a lot of hispanic places in the area but they can be tough to navigate. We love Tortilleria Sinaloa on Eastern. A tiny storefront Mexican place that makes fresh tortillas and great food.

      Also, if you like Polish food there are a couple of cools options: Krakus Deli smokes their own meat and sells amazing kielbasa. And Sophia's is in the southern Broadway Market. It' a counter-only deli that makes some lovely Polish home-cooking.

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        Carolina's, on Broadway in Fells Point (look for a blue awning) in spite of the neon "Tex Mex" sign, has reliable Latino food in comfortable surroundings. Their seafood and chicken soups, big enough for two, are outstanding.

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          I second that rec. Carolina's is fantastic.

          I'd also recomend Duda"s Tavern on Thames St. Great beer and fantastic bar food.

      2. This is great so far! Thanks everyone!

        1. Another option for the Lyric night is Tapas Teatro on Charles Street