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Jan 7, 2012 09:20 AM

What to do with fresh Madjool dates?

Does anyone have any ideas to use up a tub of fresh madjool dates? I picked them up over the holidays to make bacon wrapped dates. I'm bored of that dish now but I have so many dates left. They have pits, which I didn't realize (I have no clue how to de-pit them). And just eating them plain doesn't sound appealing at all. I also hate goat cheese so I won't be stuffing them with that. Here in snowy Canada I don't get fresh dates much, so I'm at a loss as to what they are used for.

Any good recipes out in Chowland?


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  1. oh TSAW, I'm sorry as I won't be of any help to you. I love popping them straight in my wanting mouth, as they to me are jewels of delight. really adore a good sweet date, but you say you are bored with that.

    my grandma made my favorite cookie of hers which was a not overly sweet oatmeal cookie with a rich date filling. I know you shouldn't waste those kind of dates on a cookie but it's all I can think of right now other than chicken liver stuffed dates which I adore.

    to get the pit out the only way I know of is using a very sharp knife and making a small slit and removing it. there must be a date pitter device out there somewhere for purchase I'd think. oh and there is but all I could find was a commercial sized one, sorry

    1. by fresh do you mean the dried sweet ones, or the hard green ones? I've had the fresh hard green ones and they aren't so great. the sweet dried ones work good in a salad of carrots, toasted almonds, cumin, lemon, mint and corriander. the sweetness of the dates and carrots works great against the lemon with a deep flavor added with the unusual spice combination. actuall green lettuce is optional and using a grater with the carrots makes more of a slaw if you don't use a mandoline to julliene it.

      1. TSAW, not really a recipe but a few easy prep ideas:

        Stuff pitted Madjool dates with goat cheese and drizzle with honey

        or filled with mascarpone cheese and diced ham

        or split above 6 open face spread Greek yogurt on each, sprinkle with brown sugar and broil for a moment until sugar is melted and serve over pound cake or vanilla ice cream.

        eta: oops forgot about the hate-on goat cheese. Any number of soft cheese you do enjoy would work just as well. Dates are a great vessel for stuffing. (sorry, I love goat cheese.) So for any other goat cheese lovers out there...

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        1. To pit them simply make a slit lengthwise and pluck out the pit.
          Stuffed with ValdeĆ³n cheese and Dry Cured Chorizo is simple and delicious.

          1. Put them in individual plastic bags, however many you want in each, they freeze just fine.