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Jan 7, 2012 09:10 AM

Lucques Olives

I forgot to mention in the cocktail thread that I found these at Les Douceurs du Marché at Atwater a few weeks ago. They only come in once a year, and if you've never tried them before - they're unlike any other olive you'll ever taste! They come from the Hérault region in the Languedoc-Roussillon of South France and are only harvested in the fall, so they aren't easily available year-round. They're medium sized crescent moon shaped and are seriously the best olives you'll find! They have a really crisp, meaty, firm and bright green flesh, and a super flavorful buttery sweetness to them. They're meant to be eaten as they come, so not just a martini topper; although they'll really take it to church! Perfect for thin sliced charcuteries and apéritifs, or just eaten on their own- they're seriously addictive! I realize now that I probably should have safely stocked up on a few more jars before posting this thread.

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  1. Just bumping this once to shamefully declare that I ate an entire jar for dinner tonight!

    These are truly the best olives ever.

    I picked up a sourdough walnut bread from Le Fromentier with some wild duck terrine and salamis from the Atwater Market, and a quick stop at La Fromagerie... and killed off an entire jar of buttery sweet Lucques in one sitting! I saved the salty fresh tasting brine for dirty martinis.

    A jar costs something like $8.99 and it should really be eaten within a week and a half when opened, but can store until about June. I bought 4 more jars this afternoon! There's a large table display in the far back room at Les Douceurs that you can't miss. It's worth picking one up to taste!

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    1. re: OliverB

      Thanks for the tip! I've always been curious about what made Lucques specials.

      (now put down that 2nd olive jar, Oliver!)

    2. President Choice (Provigo) under its "black label" product line is stocking Lucques these days; small jar for around $6.

      I cannot find it on their web site ( , but I bought one jar today.

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      1. re: Maximilien

        Is it good? Is it comparable to the ones at Doceurs de Marche?

        1. re: Maximilien

          Those aren't the ones... not the regular Lucques but the new fall harvest. They come in a jar with red cap. This is what they look like:

        2. They HAVE to be the Nouvelle Recolte... the others are incomparable!

          Nothing else is comparable.

          Now my reason for bumping this thread is that Doulceurs is completely sold out and I NEED one more jar!

          Pleeeease!!!! Someone?? Anyone!!!

          Is there ANYWHERE lese that might still have stock??

          I'll do ANTYHING!!!

          Douceurs says they won't have them again until November. I can't wait that long... Just one more jar!!

          Buttery goodness:

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          1. re: OliverB

            I buy mine at Fleur de sel (épicerie fine) on Beaubien. I'll let you know if they still have some tomorrow... I have to go to get some spices.

            Or you could call them of course, they're open till 9:00 pm tonight : 514-725-9769

            1. re: Glaff

              Thanks for letting me know... if they do have any left, I'm buying all remaining stock and cleaning them out!

              Could you please keep an eye out tomorrow and let me know?

              I'm calling Les Douceurs on Tuesday because they promised to track down one last jar for me somehow... but would really appreciate it if you could check at Fleur de Sel as well. It needs to be the new harvest though... thanks so much!!

              1. re: OliverB

                Sorry they're sold out too... they were really popular again this year...

          2. I'll even order online if someone can point me in the right direction...

            Found this but they don't seem to offer them for sale, I'm really desperate!


            1. Last bump of this thread to say that Les Douceurs are amazing!

              Despite being entirely sold out, I wrote on their Facebook wall after posting this, and they promised to track down one more jar for me! :)

              Long live Les Douceurs!

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              1. re: OliverB

                I know they used to carry them at Transatlantique Sélection, but I can't find them on their website... maybe you should give them a call also!

                1. re: OliverB

                  well, if we ever need to blackmail Oliver, we know what to do: buy the entire supply of Lucques olives in Montreal (and promise Sidr honey too!)

                  1. re: TheSnowpea

                    I've seen this behaviour before....with crack addicts.