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Jan 7, 2012 08:40 AM

Where to eat in San Juan PR at 8:30PM this Tuesday?

Title says it all. We're staying in Ocean Park but could take a cab somewhere. Not super high-end but everything else is fair game.Sadly it looks like La Casita Blanca closes early.

Thanks in advance,


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    Marisqueria is a little more formal and very close to where you are staying. But if you rent a car for the day, and maybe hit the prettiest beach in PR, Luquillo Beach( - aka. Little Rio) you can go to the food stalls that are right off the highway. La Parrilla is the nicest one in terms of atmosphere and quality of food. We go there many times each trip, even when we aren't staying nearby. It's worth it! It's an open-air deal, with the front of the place facing a parking lot, and the back facing the beach. Locals come riding up on horses. It's very cool!