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Jan 7, 2012 08:10 AM

Restaurant near forest hills for 40 people

I am hoping someone might have an idea for a restaurant in or near forest hills which could host a post funeral reception for about 40 people. Parking is a priority. Obviously nice food and atmosphere too.

TIA for your help


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  1. There is nothing in the immediate area except for Doyle's which wouldn't meet your "nice food and atmosphere" requirement.

    You could take a look at West on Centre in West Roxbury. It has a pleasant function room downstairs. The drawback is that parking is on the street.

    Why don't you ask the people in the office at Forest Hills cemetery for suggestions. This must come up all the time. Sorry if I'm assuming incorrectly that the funeral is at the chapel at the cemetery.

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      Thank you for your reply. We will be going to West.