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Jan 7, 2012 07:20 AM

hubby is traveling to Independence Ohio, good dining options please

should he just venture into Cleveland. Loves good fresh food..all ethnic options. Loves good italian, great seafood. We've read older posts that mention lola, lolita, cento, fire...still good options? Any others

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  1. He could, however, there are options nearby Independence. Will he be staying at a property on/near Rockside Road/I-77? If so, he could visit Delmonico's (steak house) which is one of a local chain's (5 outlets) restaurants. They are located in the heart of the formerly referenced area. Head West on Rockside (about 5 minutes) and he'll find Corleone's (Italian) Both of these are fine choices if he wants to dine for your references to other (yet farther away...~15 minutes) establishments, you've referenced many, fine locations. I'll let others chime in...

    1. There's an Aladdin's in Independence which has great middle eastern food.

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        he's enjoyed that a few times..... thanks.

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          If he likes Aladdin's, he should try Kabab-G and Assad's Bakery. Kabab-G has great beef kababs. Try the soujouk (sp?) and falafel at Assad's.

      2. If he's looking for an excellent sandwich, there's Deanatello's down in the valley. 7525 Granger Road, Valley View
        Also has some outstanding stuffed peppers & pizza.
        Limited hours. (closes early afternoon)

        1. JMO but if I had a friend who was coming in and they were staying there, I would encourage them to leave for good food. Mostly chains there and the indies are IN MY OPINION nothing to write home about. I do like Corleone's, which is in Broadview Heights, they have a great wine list. But it's really not on the same level as a place like Chinato, which is on E 4th just steps down from Lola (and yes, Lola and Lolita specifically are both super fantastic). I would also recommend Istanbul Grill for Turkish (Tremont - neighborhood just W of downtown) and Parallax in Tremont for seafood/asian influenced, which is very close by Lolita.

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            I also like Istanbul Grill. It's my favorite restaurant in Tremont. Definitely get the doner. It's available in different configurations. It's house made.

            I'm the guy that's usually piping up to recommend fire and Bar Cento. I think they're the best restaurants in the city and certainly worth the drive. Please refer to earlier posts of mine for specific recommendations.

          2. He could try Lockkeeper's or Blue Canyon. Both are in that general area and are not chains. Their food is good, but not exactly adventurous.

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              Not to disparage anyone, but Blue Canyon is not close to I-77/Rockside -- Lockkeeper's however, is nearby and offers a good experience. I think it really depends on how much of a foodie your husband is AND if he wants to drive a little farther from his homebase. If so, I'd agree with RNR'er -- he will have a more unique dining experience at her recommendations. I'd also add Flying Fig to the list -- in the OhioCity/WestSideMarket area.

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                Agree, Flying Fig is good to add on the list. And Light Bistro, in same neck of the woods.