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Jan 7, 2012 06:54 AM

New on Main St. Tuckahoe/Hearth in Eastchester

It looks like there might be two new eateries in Tuckahoe soon. One's a Latin Bistro where the Main St. Cafe was, but there looks like there is a new takeout place, but couldn't see the sign driving by. Any info?

Any info on Hearth on Post Rd in Eastchester? I was told they would hold their grand opening on December 3rd. No dice! Still looks like they are renovating, but I peaked in and it looked done aside from seating. I hope it's open soon and good. I need somewhere good within walking distance. Pizza Mia is terrible, Crestwood has fallen off terribly and I can't stand the pizza at Polpettina.

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  1. Bistro Latino is now open in Tuckahoe.

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      Read your review.....excited to try it

    2. jhopp217 the takeout place (Cafe 72) on Main street is located nextdoor to a hair salon/boutique. It was opened by the people who own the salon with the intention of being more of a coffee bar. I was there shortly after they opened at that time they were serving coffee with a vaiety of flavored syrups, wraps, soups, muffins, cakes slices... The desserts appear to be commercial, I'm told the soups are homemade. I shared a tuna w/ cranberry wrap it was very good but I found it pricey at 7.95. The regular coffee for my taste was meh. They do appear to have free WI-FI and I think a couple of flat screens. John one of the employees is just the nicest guy, he is really the only reason I will stop in there. I wish them luck they are going to need it in that location. If you want to check it out I would go sooner than later I just don't see them sticking around.

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        Also, Hearth is no longer called it now called Burrata.

        1. re: Bob P

          I have lived in Eastchester for 13 years, and have seen restaurants come and go in that spot. It is the Location of Doom. I don't expect whatever restaurant opens there to survive for long

          1. re: rgny

            I agree 100%, rgny. I've lived in Eastchester for 28 years, and that place along with the corner across from Lord & Taylor are death to restaurants.

            1. re: Bob P

              Tutta Bella seems to be doing ok no? Is that the spot that is doomed? They have been there for how long now?

              1. re: cubanat

                I'm not sure how long the current restaurant has been there, but it's at least the fifth or sixth in the 28 years we've lived right up the block from it. I hope it breaks the streak!

            2. re: rgny

              That place has been, but right next door, with the same parking issue does great. Mickey's is going strong. Pat's was opened for many years. The spot where Hearth is has been doomed by poor planning. When it was Butch's (owned by a friend), it inadvertently became a dive bar, which wasn't his plan. Before that there was Dominick's which had decent food to start and then it went downhill. The last place with any lasting power was O'Reilly's which was a great neighborhood dart bar. Better than average pub grub. I think Hearth could work as long as their pizza is better than the rest around here, which to be honest, is not difficult at all in this area.

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            I want to update my post about Cafe 72 it appears that they have significantly lowered their prices.

            1. re: chowdom

              That Cafe 72 is pretty tiny. Hope it works for them

              1. re: jhopp217

                I counted 6 tables , 19 seats , plenty of room for me.I wish them luck. Try it , I think you'll agree.

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