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Jan 7, 2012 05:41 AM

Can I get a Monkfish dinner anywhere in Japan?

I would be particularly interested in trying a dinner all centered around the same fish, perhaps a monkfish like A Bourdain got at Morimoto. Is this possible anywhere? Or it's just for tv stunts?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Yes, there are plenty of anko (monkfish) and fugu (blowfish) places. They are not unusual.

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    1. Although I have never been, some of my very Edokko friends recommend Isegen
      ( in Kanda (very close to Kanda Yabu Soba) for Anko (monkfish). It is a very traditional shop, in a pre-war building, and perhaps the most famous for anko in Tokyo. Look for the whole fish displayed in front of the restaurant.

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          Isegen is indeed the most famous anko place in Tokyo. Note that they serve anko only from September to April. The phone number is 03-3251-1229.

        2. Hi guys, do you have in mind any place that does a more modern take on an Anko dinner than Isegen? No offence for Isegen, which looks great, but I would be more curious on an original take on this concept.