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Jan 6, 2012 10:40 PM

[Belgium] Hertog Jan or De Karmeliet


I will be visiting Belgium soon and am looking at my options so far as fine dining goes. I will already be dining at In de Wulf as I would like to support the up and coming chef there and the hotel serves as a good base for exploring the breweries of Flanders.

However, I would also like to try one of the 3 stars (or something else if there are better restaurants) and am tossing up between Hertog Jan and De Karmeliet. Both look good based on their websites, though I note that Hertog Jan is a fair bit cheaper which provides its own attraction. To add further context I will be dining solo.

Does anyone have experience with these two restaurants? Is the additional cost of De Karmeliet worth it?


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  1. Hertog Jan was the best dinner I had last year. The cuisine is impeccable and the room and service are exceptional. I love In de Wulf, but Hertog Jan is in another league and, in fact, a great pair to In de Wulf.

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      My experience was the same as Nancy's. But Oud Sluis and Hof van Cleve are also among the world's best. De Jonkman is also very good.