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Finding spirit of anise in Toronto

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Where can I purchase pure spirit of anise in Toronto for baking (eg.genettis, pizelle)? I previously procured it from a pharmacy who's supplier no longer carries it (possibly made by Wiler chemicals). After searching other pharmacies & specialty food stores (such as the Cheese Boutique) in vain, I tried 'flavorganics' organic anise extract from Whole Foods which is not a pure extract of anise - but also contains agave syrup and licorice root .. however the flavour in the finished product was subpar and rather bland. I found on the web that McCormick makes a pure extract but it seems to be only available in the USA. Can anyone help?

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  1. Contact Xenex labs account representative in Ontario, Nikola Nikolaidis at nikola@xenexlabs.com .They have stock!