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Jan 6, 2012 08:48 PM

Foodie bar - good food and watch football, is it possible?

Heading out tomorrow sans kids with another couple. Want to watch the games but don't want to be at Buffalo Wild Wings, Caddies, Gordan Bierch etc... Looking for a more upscale, good food restaurant/bar where we can get a good meal/drinks at a bar table and watch the games. Any ideas would be appreciated. Looking in Rockville/Bethesda area. Don't want to go to Georgetown/DC.

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  1. If you're willing to travel to Columbia, VIctoria Gastropub has decent food. I've had lunch and watched TV at the bar there many times.

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      This was going to be suggestion too!

    2. Hershey's in Washington Grove. Great fried chicken, steamed shrimp, cheap cocktails, varied and interesting clientele.

      1. How about one of the bar areas in the Rockville Matchbox? Or Freddy's in Bethesda. The bar area is small though, so it might be tough to get a table for 4.

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          Freddy's in Bethesda is an excellent idea - should be plenty of space on a Sunday afternoon. I've been there before at that time and never had a problem getting a 4-top.

          Victoria Gastropub is decent, but most tables aren't in view of the TVs, and it's nearly an hour from Rockville/Bethesda. It's not good enough to warrant the drive.

          Maybe Tower Oaks Lodge in Rockville?

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            Thanks all. We went to Matchbox for the first game for drinks and shared some sliders. Then drove to Bethesda and went to Mon Abi Gabi. Had a table where we could see the TV. Had a precent decent meal there. Warm Brie, Snails, and French onion soup were outstanding. 2 men got the ribeye special that they both loved. I tried a bite and it was delish. My scallop meal was average at best.. My friend got the mussels/fries app as her meal and those fries are pretty darn good. We will try Freddy's next time. Columbia is too far, especially when you are paying a babysitter!


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              Was the sound turned on? Could you hear the announcers? I've found the higher you go, the less interested the management is in providing TV entertainment. Maybe for the superbowl, but otherwise, all you get is closed-captioning if you are lucky.

              My local bar has a huge big screen TV and they play rock in the background.