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Jan 6, 2012 08:47 PM

I have ruined dinner

It's all over the place, shattered glass mixed with anchiote paste and butter.All over the stove and in the food.This looks like fun to clean. Saute gulf prawns one minute and turn, cook one more minute. Remove from pan. Add one ounce vodka, flambe. Add chopped garlic stir in anchiote paste mixed with softened butter.Return prawns to pan for thirty seconds.Also on the stove. Calamari marinated in olive oil, sea salt, garlic, and pepper flakes. Cook in a cast iron pan on high heat for two minutes. Tried to go to fast. I set a small glass mixing bowl on the hot stove.Bummer!!!!!!!!. Meals that you have ruined .

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  1. Too bad. Great story to tell though.

    1. Major bummer! I was salivating listening to those preparations. So sorry.

      1. Must have been something in the air last night. 24 ozs of choice porterhouse on the grill. Walked away for only a second to chit chat with a friend and came back to 10 ozs of shoe leather. Don't even ask what the Thai eggplant looked like.

        Chips and beer for dinner.

        1. Meal ruined with a trip to the ER: young, stupid, in love. Couldn't find the corkscrew for the wine for anniversary dinner...decided to use a steak knife. Stabbed deeply in the webbing betweeen thumb and index finger. Wrapped hand in tea towel and off to the hospital we went. Still have the scar, 30+ years later.

          1. At home, before I got really conversant with seafood, I proved that it Is Possible to prepare prawns with Pernod that were mushy, yet tough and stringy, at the same time. And, despite a more-than-judicious-application of the Pernod, flavorless too. At work, i've experienced the wonderful phenomenon of a "blowback" on the line; pouring liquer directly from the bottle into the hot saute pan and having the alcohol in the bottle catch, at which point the bottom blew out of the bottle, shattering all over a whole lot of different dinners that night. I kept my job, but it was prolly due more to potential than skill. And it got better. :)
            The thing that makes things like this okay, as long as nobody gets hurt, or ingests anything dangerous? Is that you will never, ever do anything like that again. Also, a helpful tip about glass items if Pyrex: if they've spent any time in the micro or oven, and are hot? Don't let it fool you; that stuff will positively explode upon direct contact with a cold surface, as in the countertop.