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Jan 6, 2012 06:50 PM

DIY Pizza Oven - How does one put such a thing together?


Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this request, but...

How does one build an outdoor brick pizza oven, without using pre-made oven materials? Can I put one together using old fashioned brick and Portland cement? I've seen a couple internet posts that suggested one can use gravel and pavers as base, and using carboard to set a dome mold and using regular bricks and portland cement to build the dome. A meter or 1.5m diameter dome, with an opening enough to get a pizza in.

What do knowledgeable folks here say? Can I build a pizza oven for cheap?

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    1. You should see a number of links to this topic lower on your thread page now. I looked into this idea last Summer and came away thinking that it cannot be done as a casual project, but it can be done if you're serious. You need to use heat-safe "refractory" bricks and mortars, and the actual dome shape and venting vary according to your priorities.

      Two sites with extensive information (one could say overload) are:

      Although Forno Bravo sells kits, their website forums support DIY projects and everything to do with wood ovens.

      Good luck!

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