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Jan 6, 2012 06:38 PM

good grocer to buy steak

in your opinion, where in Calgary is the best place to buy delicious steak? (rib eye, strip loin).

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  1. If you have a costco membership, I would suggest costco for their Canada Prime strip loins or rib steaks (It is a grade above AAA). They are packaged in black styrofoam trays. I don't know if it is available this time of year but I've been buying them during the summer months for the last two years.

    I'm not sure if all Costco locations in Calgary carry this grade. I've been buying them from the NW Beacon Hill location.

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      My favourite is the Hoven Farms booth at Kingsland Farmers Market. They also sell select cuts at Community Natural Foods and possibly other stores.

      1. re: miss.foodie

        I second this recommendation by miss.foodie. The Deerfoot Meadows Costco usually has the Prime ribeyes in the black styrofoam and the marbling is amazing.

        I've also purchased great steaks from Bon ton in the NW and Second to None Meats.

        I'm still looking for a place that stocks prime dry aged beef regularly.

      2. +1 for Master Meats, or if you are in the south, The Better Butcher is at Heritage Drive & Fairmount Drive, a few blocks East of Macleod Trail.