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Jan 6, 2012 03:06 PM

Review : 13+ Alaskan Salmon fillets : Alaskan Salmon processed in China

13+ Alaskan Salmon salmon.
10lbs from Seafood Doctor Inc, Medford Oregon.
$40 a box purchased at Canton foods in Los Angeles.

Fish looks good frozen in the plastic, however upon defrosting and cooking/grilling :
the flavor is disappointing, not fresh or good tasting. This is not Grade A salmon.
Not sure what the problem is, maybe too much defrosting and freezing/not fresh.
Whatever liquid ? is being injected into the increase the weight.

I have prepared it twice, same result.
Definitely will not buy Salmon processed in China again.
What was I thinking.....?

No response from Seafood Doctor Inc, Medford Oregon.

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  1. i don't buy any food from China anymore.

    That being said, pink salmon has a higher oil content than most and is better canned than used as fillets. Why not take it back to the store. It could be it wasn't handled well by that store or anywhere along the line from Alaska to China to LA.

    Since you bought it in LA, I'd hold them responsible and return it. At about $3 a lb for a fillet, that should have said something.

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    1. re: rworange

      Canton foods did nothing looked perfect. They don't stand behind anything after 7 days.
      I didn't get around to cooking it before I could squawk about it.
      Not defrosted, or re frozen. It's just bad fish from too far away.
      Figure it was frozen in Alaska and shipped to China for processing and then shipped back to the
      the USA.

      1. re: hb7777

        I'm not sure what you want out of posting. To warn people about salmon processed in China? To warn people about the Oregon company? To see if others have had this problem?

        Anyway, it got me thinking about who is responsible, so I put a topic on the Not About Food board to answer that.

        Who is responsible?