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Jan 6, 2012 02:58 PM

What's the best sports bar on the Danforth?

I'm meeting up with a few friends to watch the NFL playoffs on Saturday. We usually go to St. Louis, but I really am not a fan of the place.

How are the TVs at Brass Taps? I haven't been in ages, so can't really remember.

My friends like the waitress at St. Louis (I can't say that I'm offended by them, to be fair), so that would form part of the equation, preferably. Sorry, no PC way of putting that.

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  1. TheTV's at Brass Taps are OK, but much older than the ones at St Louis. If your friends like some waitress at the latter, they will not be happy with the selection at Brass Taps. Have you tried the Fox and Fiddle? I haven't been there but they must have TV's. (and waitresses)

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      The TV's at the back of the Brass Taps are adequate but would be better if they were larger. Food is usually very good and the beer isn't as expensive as it could be.

    2. gg, you haven't mentioned any food or taps criteria. I'll assume you're just looking to have a good time with your friends enjoying some beers and the game.

      Further afield, but a worthy addition to your search is Rally Sports Bar & Grill on O'Connor between Eglinton and St Clair. Now I don't drink beer so I don't recall much. I think they have 6 on tap and several more domestic and imported available. No microbrews yet, but they're still developing the place.

      Speaking of which, it's a 6000 sq ft behemoth split into 3 areas. Naturally, the bar, a quieter side room with booths, and a huuuuuge back room. Anywhere you are there's a flatscreen in your line of vision. The main game is always audible without blasting you. The back room has a big screen that , I believe, is visible from space.

      The food I've had has been hit and miss. Hey, it hasn't even been open a month. You might enjoy the slider trio of burger, brisket, and pulled pork. I expect all things to improve rather than ease into mediocrity. They're an ambitious set of people who own and operate Rally.

      Bonus points for having their own free parking lot out front.

      1. Oops! Link and website.

        Rally Sports Bar & Smokehouse
        1660 O'Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4A 2R4, CA

          1. re: Googs

            Just noticed a brand new sports bar at Woodycrest and Danforth (just east of Pape). Seems clean and a step up from the bar in that location before.... can't recall the name. It's next to the Pizza Pizza.

          2. It's called Legends. Still looks kind of sketchy........