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Jan 6, 2012 02:35 PM

My plan for my visit - input?

I have been planning my visit to Las Vegas - and have finally nailed down a nice set of meals during my stay. Here is the current schedule:

Fly in Saturday morning...
Saturday 1/14
- lunch at ----Lotus of Siam <--- not there <----
- Dinner ?

Sunday 1/15
- Lunch at Milos
- Dinner at E by Jose Andres

Monday 1/16
- Lunch - at conference... no time to eat.
- Dinner at Sage

Tuesday 1/17
- Lunch - at conference... no time to eat.
- Dinner at L'Atelier

So, what do you think? I am looking forward to it! I just need one more good dinner place. What would you add to round out my trip?

Thanks - Adam

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  1. Lotus of Siam is not open for lunch on the weekends.

    1. You have a terrific itinerary except for one adjustment that will need to be made - Lotus does not open for lunch on Saturday. Perhaps you could bump them to your Saturday evening dinner.

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      1. re: QAW

        Wow -- that would have been a disappointment. Do you think Lotus is the best choice for Dinner on Saturday night? Any other thoughts?

        - Adam

      2. I'd try to snag a rez at Raku for dinner if you can.