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Jan 6, 2012 02:16 PM

Draft Anchor Steam and other craft beers-best selection of draft beers in Union County

Where are the best selections of draft beers especially Anchor Steam in the Union County area.
Any place with good bar -burgesrs?


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  1. not sure if Stirling is in union county but the striling hotel has a great draft beer selection and killer burgers

    1. The Office in Cranford (and other spots around NJ) has a good beer list. They serve regular bar food, you can definitely get a decent burger.

      1. You can use the Beer Menus website to find Anchor Steam on draught (looks like the closest to Union in Skinners Loft in Jersey City currently).

        Altho' I just checked a growler station's listings on that site for a store that I visited yesterday and the listed line-up looked nothing like what I saw even tho' it claimed "Updated: 01/06/2011" , so I'd call first before traveling.

        Alternately, you can TRY to contact the Union County distributor of Anchor products Kristen Distributing Co in Elizabeth (908) 354-1512 and ask them for a local bar they supply with kegs of Anchor Steam but many distributors are not particularly "consumer friendly" so don't expect satisfaction.

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          i just had the Anchor Steam Holiday beer(couldn't squint to read the exact name but i know what the label looks like) at The Sun Tavern in Roselle.

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            The technical name of the Anchor holiday beer used to be "Our Special Ale" but even the brewery now calls it "Christmas Ale".

            It's quite a different beer than Anchor Steam Beer.

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              yes, the one in the link is the one i had!