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Jan 6, 2012 02:13 PM

Mint Indian Bistro - E. Flamingo and Swenson

I'm helping out one day a week at our office near Boulevard Mall, so I've decided to use it as an excuse to check out lunch fare in that neighborhood, as it is far from my usual haunts. A coworker had tipped me off to Mint, on Flamingo just across from the Atomic Energy Museum (about a mile east of the strip). I have only found brief mentions of it here on Chowhound, but I have to say I think it was an excellent choice.

The restaurant is small but cozy (mostly booths), and it was busy when I stopped in for lunch today, always a good sign. A waiter immediately came with a carafe of water and a glass, and a drink menu. I sort of wish he hadn't tempted me with the drink menu....I can't drink when working, but there were some very interesting choices including organic beers and wine, some rare stouts, and even gluten-free(!) beer! I will definitely head back someday at dinner time to check out those stouts....Also an excellent Lassi selection, and some interesting-sounding cocktails.

The buffet is the thing at lunch. 10.99, a little pricier than some, but with an excellent and fresh selection. It includes a few unusual offerings such as a make-your-own bhel puri (yum; I could have filled up just on that...), idli sambar, a desi-chinese chow mein, etc. There are at least four or five of both vegetarian and meat dishes. They bring a generous basket of fresh-made nan (your choice of plain, butter, or garlic) to the table. One thing that I really like is that all the buffet offerings are clearly marked as to whether they are vegan and/or vegetarian amd/or gluten-free, and the meats are so marked if they are halal (most are). Mint really seems to cater to those who may have special dietary needs; a nice touch.

All the food was tasty, well-spiced (ie not too bland), and fresh-tasting. I will be back; this could become a regular Friday habit. They also advertise dhosas on their regular menu; DH will no doubt be joining me to check that option out soon; we will report back....A good dhosa in Vegas would be a very good thing; I'll try not to get my hopes up too much :-)

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  1. Janet,

    We went to Mint and sad to say, were sorely disappointed, especially because the staff was so nice. The dosa was not horrible, but most of the sauces we tried at dinner were substandard (both Himalayan and Indian dishes). Not horrible, just disappointing. I'm hoping maybe our meal was the outlier. My favorite thing I consumed at Mint was a Belgian beer.

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      ummm....sorry to hear. The sauces I had tasted good....but no Himalayn dishes on the buffet, at least none I noticed. Sorry about the dosa; I figured it was probably too good to be true anyway:-) The bhel puri was my favorite dish (but then again I've never met a bhel puri I didn't like). Having it on a buffet in a "make your own" form is a good idea: its cheap (so a good choice for the restaurant) yet I like being able to mix the chutneys with the bhel to get just the combination I like. They also had some chaat-style chana that was good mixed in along with the potatoes, etc. Maybe I'll just stick to the buffet......

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        Why not explore? We only tried about 6 dishes. We might have ordered badly.

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          I'm thinking of meeting my husband there on Friday after I'm done working and he's worn out from wandering through the halls of CES - our office near the convention center where I'm working on Fridays also happens to be his secret parking spot for CES....maybe we can get his semi-expert opinion on some of the dishes.....