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Jan 6, 2012 02:02 PM

London, 3 days with 3 kids

Hi I will be visiting London for 3 days with 3 kids and would like to have some rec for good food, good value that would welcome children. Do not want to resort to only chains and pubs. Looking for good food.

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  1. Belgo restaurants specialize in very good chicken, frites and moules. All the kids I've taken there seem to enjoy the food, which is good value especially if you eat earlyish. They also like the waiters who are dressed as monks.

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      Thank you zuriga1. I looked and belgo's menu, and even though it is a chain, the food choices look good. I just don't want to miss out on good eats because I am travelling with kids.

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        And you shouldn't miss out! I'm a grandmother and if kids are above a certain age, there's not reason they can't be taken to tasty meals... my brood has eaten all over the world, even if there are no crayons on the table. :-) Belgo's chicken is quite delicious and won't break the bank.

        There are so many good options in Chinatown - that's another possibility for you. I'm not sure where you're from, but ethnic foods abound in London and it's a good way to enjoy something out of the ordinary.

    2. I hope this is not too late - I was at Jaime's Italian (near Covent Garden) and thought it was the perfect kid-friendly place you'd be looking for - good food which the kids will love, and a friendly vibe all-round.

      What we had for starters:

      - Mozzarella & Portobello mushrooms arancini – little crisp-shelled golden rice balls with rich cheesy molten centres - whilst certainly not the best you’d have tasted, were still very tasty and enjoyable.
      - The day’s special starter: a generous-sized baked mushroom tart which was deliciously creamy and cheesy in the middle, topped with fresh mushrooms, embraced by a light, flaky pastry base.

      - My main course was billed as “Jaime’s favorite” Truffled Turkey Milanese – a breaded turkey cutlet stuffed with fontina cheese & prosciutto, topped with a fried egg & truffles. Delicious Cordon Bleu-ish combination of flavors & textures.

      - My colleague really enjoyed the wild mushroom panzerotti, recommended by our waiter – creamy baked ricotta, Porcini and brown-caps mushrooms, flavored with Parmesan, chillis & thyme;

      Desserts were a light Sicilian ricotta cheesecake with candied citrus-fruit topping, and the house “JI warm brownie”, flavored with Amaretto & raspberry and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

      Service was prompt & efficient, just watch out for the queues!

      Jamie's Italian - Covent Garden
      12A Upper St Martin's Ln, London WC2H 9FB, GB

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        Thank you Klyeoh. I notice that there are several locations of Jamies Italian. I think we will probably try one when we leave London. We are planning on touring all over England and into Scotland. Jamie's truffled turkey Milanese sounds delicious. My daughter absolutely loves mushrooms of any kind, and it sounds there are many dishes with mushrooms in them.

      2. If you are in or are passing Surrey Quays, there is an excellent vietnamese restaurant called Cafe East. Very good food, excellent value and kid friendly, as they offer mild versions of sauces. Beware that it's closed on Tuesdays, and they do not serve tap water, only bottled water at 1 pound... no alcohol and no byob.