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Jan 6, 2012 01:38 PM

Relish - London Ontario (recently on the Food Network)


Today we had lunch at Relish for the first time. We both ordered a beef burger (Tucker and Taz) with fries.

Our food arrived after a very lengthy wait (40 minutes Friday at 3pm in an empty restaurant ). The food presented well and the fries tasted very good. Our beef burgers were a HUGE disappointment! Both burgers were drier than DRY and lacking any flavor.

We will not be going back to Relish and would not recommend this restaurant.

For great burgers I would recommend the Bungalow:

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  1. Good post! Yeah, it was on You Gotta Eat Here (kind of like a Canadian version of DDD). The burgers on the show looked pretty darn good, but your review matches up well with other online reviews---extremely negative. They must put on a different face when the cameras are on because most reviews trashed this place.

    I would be curious to try Boomers in Stratford. The poutine looks pretty darn good. The owner seems like quite the character too.

    1. oh wow. Thanks for the review. I was thinking of going if I was ever close to London again but will probably just skip it now. Added the Boomer's fries to my list too when next in Stratford for a play. I wonder if Bieber goes there.. ha

      1. If you're looking for a GREAT burger in London...or just great food in general- head over to the Bungalow.

        It's the same owners as The Tasting Room- which is one of London's most consistent restaurants.

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          I agree the burger at Bungalow is great.

          Bungalow is owned by Karl & Pam Lansdowne and Scott & Rose Crawford.

          The Lansdownes also own The Tasting Room, but I'm not aware of the Crawfords being involved with The Tasting Room.

          1. re: prima

            Yeah- we're regulars at the Tasting, more regular than I should admit, and when the bungalow opened up they were talking it up big at the Tasting Room. The staff at both establishments are great and the food is consistent- a huge plus in London.