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Jan 6, 2012 01:38 PM

Anyone Tried Rose Mediterranean in Caldwell, NJ?

Would appreciate reviews from fellow hounds. Thanks!

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  1. As thoroughly mediocre as can be. Except for the tiramisu--but definitely not exciting. I went once, don't feel the need to go back unless I'm just dying to sit in their beautiful 'backyard' in the summer, but even then it would take a LOT of convincing. The wait staff was trying, but the food was just dull.

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    1. re: Curlz

      We ate there in Sept. 2011. Don't recall what we had, but I thought it was above-average for food. We haven't been back, so obviously it wasn't great.

      The courtyard is nice in better weather. I think a better restaurant was there two generations ago. I am sure Curlz remembers the name. Maybe Curlz ate there more recently than we did, because I find her reviews to be spot on.

      1. re: scarlet knight

        Dave, Angeloni's on Brookside Ave. in Caldwell is my new hot spot. You should give them a shot sometime. Never been to Rose, sorry.

        1. re: scarlet knight

          Yes, when it was Trattoria Fresco, I loved the place! :-)

          I was at Rose Med in December with a group and didn't foot the bill, so I have no idea what the menu prices are like, but I left there thinking that I hoped the hosts didn't spend a fortune. We had a choice of 2-3 dishes for each course, and with the exception of the tiramisu, nobody seemed all that thrilled with anything--and this wasn't a group of food pals.

      2. We went back in September and sat out in the court yard and had a nice time. I had a fish dish and it was very good. I believe my wife had the muscles and liked them. Overall it was good and I would go back in the spring and sit outside. I thought the prices were reasonable and recall the hostess was nice and waiter was very good.

        1. I agree with Curlz - nothing special here at all. So many better options a few miles east in Montclair

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          1. re: harrison

            I have tried a bunch of places in Montclair, the problem with those is that its often over-priced (like Culinariane), over-hyped (like Blu), or just bad (like Fascinos).

            Tired of the same old mediocre and over-priced food, I tried Roses with my sister a couple of weeks ago. I got the Seared Quail with Chantrelles and Chorizo and the Steak Diane; both meats had a perfect char, flavorsome sauces, and flavors that built. My sister got the Moroccan Style Shrimp which finally was a break from the normal NJ foods; there was a smoky/sweet taste to the shrimp and the sauce was hot without being overpowering.

            I'd suggest giving it one more shot, cant speak to your food, but mine was scrumptious

            1. re: njfoodie611

              I would try it again...maybe sitting outside in spring.

              1. re: njfoodie611

                Good to know - maybe an off night.

                Points well taken on your Montclair callouts and i'd have to agree on all 3 (although i do love the burger at Blu's Next Door).

                Give Giotto a shot...and Brick Lane if you like Indian.