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Looking for "local" raw honey in Westchester County

I have tried Fairway, Whole Foods, Stew Leonards with no luck. I emailed BHSB but they did not respond. It is listed on their website, does anyone know if it is sold at the Farm/market and if so the cost? Any other sightings?

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  1. Umami restaurant in Croton sells it. 914-271-5555 Prices reasonable ($7.50 and $8.50 a nice sized container, last I looked).

    Salinger's Orchard also carries local honey--haven't checked recently for how local it is, but you can call to ask. (845) 277-3521

    1. Zeytinia in Croton has it, but I'm not sure if it';s local or not.

      1. Salinger's orchard sells honey, which I think is produced locally-they may actually be just outside of Westchester county, in Brewster, which may be farther than you are willing to travel

        1. Honey Locust Farm House and Let it Bee Honey are both at Hastings farmers market.

          1. tarry lodge has their own, home grown honey done locally by an employee, its great

            1. A big thank you to all who responded to my post. This is a little convoluted but stay with me. I was having brunch ( a not good one) with a friend today at La Provencal in Mamaroneck. When we were done she suggested we get something to eat, lol. She is from Russia and lived in Manhattan for a while, having moved here recently she is not too familiar with Westchester.

              So, we left La Provencal and I took her to Port Chester where we spent a good amount of time at Tarry market, I of course had every intetion of checking out the honey. Unfortunately they currently do not have the honey and were not sure when it would again be available. As per the employee helping me, the operation takes place on the roof and is seasonal. Regardless of the availability or lack there of; thank you for the heads up Intrepid.

              I am going to try to get to the Hastings farmers market next Saturday to see what Let it Be has to offer. If I am unable to get to the market their website states that their honey is availble at Mint, DeCicco and a couple of other local grocery stores.

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                The Whispering Pines Flower Shop in Chappaqua on Rt. 117 has a "Local Honey" sign. Looks like it might be worth a stop.

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                  Greenburgh Nature Center was selling honey from their own bees in the gift shop. It was very good and I kept meaning to go back there to get more, but always forgot. I'd give them a call first if you are interested.

              2. Nearby Rockland County has good local honey. A private house, within 2 miles of the Palisades Mall, has bees and each late May/early June they have natural, unprocessed, uncooked, honey. Here's their website: http://www.westnyackhoney.com/
                Address: 238 Germonds Road, West Nyack

                1. I was able to purchase the honey at BHSB made from their bees. They were expecting an exceptional honey season.