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Jan 6, 2012 01:37 PM

Looking for "local" raw honey in Westchester County

I have tried Fairway, Whole Foods, Stew Leonards with no luck. I emailed BHSB but they did not respond. It is listed on their website, does anyone know if it is sold at the Farm/market and if so the cost? Any other sightings?

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  1. Umami restaurant in Croton sells it. 914-271-5555 Prices reasonable ($7.50 and $8.50 a nice sized container, last I looked).

    Salinger's Orchard also carries local honey--haven't checked recently for how local it is, but you can call to ask. (845) 277-3521

    1. Zeytinia in Croton has it, but I'm not sure if it';s local or not.

      1. Salinger's orchard sells honey, which I think is produced locally-they may actually be just outside of Westchester county, in Brewster, which may be farther than you are willing to travel

        1. Honey Locust Farm House and Let it Bee Honey are both at Hastings farmers market.

          1. tarry lodge has their own, home grown honey done locally by an employee, its great