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Jan 6, 2012 01:24 PM

Superior Grill?

Thoughts on this establishment? Haven't seen much on on the board about this place...obviously, its not "native" cuisine. As far as mexican, err, tex-mex what are peoples opinions? El gato negro? juan's flying burrito? felipe's taqueria? Thanks again.

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  1. It's definitely not my favorite; it's basically Chi Chi's, if you remember that chain. They do have very strong margaritas if that's a draw for you/your friends. Each of the other places you mentioned (plus Taqueria Corona) is better, even Juan's. Also, for lower-key, more authentic Latin American food, check out Sarita's on Freret and Panchita's on Carrollton. You know though, I haven't actually been to Superior in several years so maybe they've improved (doubtful).

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      uptown, specifically, which latin american cuisines are represented @ Sarita's/Panchita's?

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        Sarita's has elements of Cuban and Mexican (maybe others too, I'm by no means an expert in this kind of food), and Panchita's is Mexican, specifically Veracruz.

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          interesting...not familiar with veracruz"ian" food - regional mexican cuisine, when done right in my experience is worth going out of the way for

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            I'm not really familiar with Veracruz food either - never been. For all I know their specialties are moon cheese and braised parrot. Panchita's is good though.

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              In some ways Vera Cruz can be compared to N.O. as both are ports and both were influenced by Spanish and African cooking and ingredients. But instead of North American indigenous and French influences Vera Cruz got South American indegenous and Portugal.

              The most well known Vera Cruz dish is fish with a spicy tomato sauce. I've had it in Vera Cruz and have tried it at home. There are many versions of the sauce and some are almost putanesca-ish.

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                It reminds me of Redfish Courtbouillon with olives added.

      2. Superior is basic Tex-Mex but has great Margaritas and a great patio. It's always a good place to start a night out (at one point had 3 for 1 happy hour specials even on weekends) and is a good meeting place since its on the streetcar line and kind of in between uptown and downtown.

        Superior Grill
        3636 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115

        1. Gato Negro is ok, but my favorite is Taqueria Corona on Magazine. I don't care if I never go to Superior again. Superior is opening a seafood version at St Charles and Napoleon - I noticed peo

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              Ok, so sounds like the general consensus is that Superior Grill is a fine place to meet people & have a margarita, but in terms of food, no real revelations - great to know.

              i'll check out Taqueria Corona - every once in a while, while in the city, I get a hankering for this sort of thing - thanks again!

          1. Sorry. People in there the other night, I guess soft opening. I'll probably have to try it once.

            1. Try Maya's on Magazine. Delicious Latin American, Cuban and Caribbean cuisines.

              2027 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130