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Jan 6, 2012 01:15 PM

Real homefries

Where can I get real evenly fried ,chunky home fries ?Not the thin sliced boiled potatos currently served at most diners that are heated on the grill and only browned on the outside?Central Jersey.

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  1. At home in your own kitchen! I know what you are talking about. Boiled potatoes thrown on a grill and flipped to mush and sometimes burned. You're lucky if you happen to catch one piece of onion on your plate. I want to open my own breakfast place just so I can serve home fries. Already got the idea for the menu. "All breakfast dishes served with choice of: disgusting home fries popular all over or awesome home fries with onions, peppers, paprika and FLAVOR!"

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      I've taken to always requesting that they "throw some extra fried onions" into my home fries when I order breakfast at a diner these days (never cared for green pepper in HF's). They always do it, never notice an "extra" charge and the onions, tho' they come in various states of doneness and cut style, are at an adequate-to-excessive quantity.

      Sometimes I picture the cook saying, "Oh, my regular homefries don't have enough onions and you want extra onions! OK, buddy, extra onions it is!" as he buries my potatoes under a pile of fried onions.. Hey, works for me- I can scrape off the excess, but can't do the reverse with the dull "Home (hardly) Fries" so many places serve.

    2. One of my pet peeves is lousy home fries. there used to be a place in Newrk on Franklin Ave, just down the street fron Clara Maass. the lady on the gril was about 70 years old and made the best breakfast around. Her home fries were always PERFECT, with just the right amount of peppers and onions and a hint of paprika. she always put a bit of butter on the grill when she warmed them up.
      The place is long gone, but I remember it fondly in my food memory bank.