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Jan 6, 2012 01:08 PM

good breakfast place in RI?

Hey anyone have a suggestion for a good family breakfast place in RI? I have a family member who is celerbrating his 18th birthday and would like to have him have a happy birthday.

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  1. The cozy grill is good, there's one in conventry that's a little more upscale, and one in warwick thats like a diner, very good. T's in east greenwich is good, and there's one in Cranston also, The english muffin is good also, that's in cranston also..

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    1. re: tfranca

      Thanks, I have never been to the Cozy Grill before, we have been to T's back when it first opened and when they were serving the breakfast calzone which was awesome. Now for some reason they do not have that item on the menu. We really enjoy the Liberty Elm Diner, I just thought of trying some place different tha the whole family might like.

      1. re: flyguy420

        Nicks is great. I once went to T's in Cranston its nice cozy and warm but the need severe cooking lessons on how to execute over light eggs and homefries which I think are Sysco frozen potato pellets so hightly seasoned they were properly browned on all sides because thats what a fryolator does. The eggs were in a perfect circle because they must have placed them on an oven because the protein in the white seized and created a water pocket. The yoks were cold so thats a total mistake

        1. re: veggievegan55

          I remember the breakfast calzone, it was good I haven't been the library elm diner, I'll have to try it

          1. re: tfranca

            While we like the quality at Liberty Elm, we also find it to be very pricey. Furthermore, I don't believe it's a good place to celebrate an occasion (classic diner). T's would be a much better place for a group to celebrate a memorable occasion.