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Jan 6, 2012 01:05 PM

4 guys and 4 days in Squaw Valley

We are four friends going out to Squaw Valley in March. We are going to have four days and staying in the Village at Squaw. I want to have our taxi stop by a good grocery store on the way up to tahoe so we can grab enough food for 3 days. But one or two of the days I want to take the bus back to Truckee or somewhere else for a dinner and drinks. Can someone recommend a good grocer and a couple of local places that i JUST CAN"T miss.

Thanks. ( also pray for some snow)

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  1. Mamasake in Squaw Village has a $5 hand roll and beer happy hour. If you're driving up from SF, I recommend Ikeda's in Auburn. Right off I-80. Not a full grocery store but they've got a lot of nice stuff. If you can get to South Lake, Overland Meat & Seafood Company is excellent.

    I've been going to Tahoe for 20+ years and am yet to be overwhelmed by anything I've had in a restaurant there. Best to cook at home if you can.

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      Been going up there for 60 years and I agree there is little to go out of your way for, except it is still better than Mammoth. Your best shot for grocery shopping is Truckee or Tahoe City. Plump Jack in Squaw Valley tries to be good to great. Make it easy for your self and stock up on prepared Harris Ranch Short Ribs, add some guy sides with a good dose of cold winter air and you will be well-fed.

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        If you're wine drinkers and particular about it, I'd also recommend stocking up before getting to Tahoe or Squaw. Selection there is pretty dismal. Dart Liquors in South Lake used to be the one good place I knew. Seems to have slipped a lot in recent years.

    2. Good luck with the snow. You should have better luck with the food. At Squaw, try the Irish place (can't think of the name) for a fun place for a hearty lunch and a good bar. No outstanding grocery stores in Truckee, just the usual Safeway and Albertsons. Of the two, Safeway is much better. There is also a wine store with a gourmet deli next to Safeway which might be of interest. If you are coming in from Reno, you would probably have more choices there.

      In Truckee, try Dragonfly for sushi. It Is on the main drag (Donner Pass Rd ) upstairs. Also in Truckee, Cottonwood up on the hill is a fun place to have a drink but the food has gone way downhill so I would skip dinner. Also in Truckee , is the 50/50 Brewpub. It's a good place to grab a burger & a beer and watch a game.

      Another place that is good for a higher end meal is River Ranch which is at the turnoff for Alpine Meadows. Nice atmosphere and the food is good as well.

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        Gar Woods on 28, just past Tahoe City is decent for bar food. It's right on the lake so you really can't beat the view. 15 min or so from Squaw.

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          Good call. The view is excellent and not bad for bar snacks.

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            In the bad old days the trip between Squaw and Tahoe City could take 3-4 hours if you did not get out of the parking lot early or late after the end of a ski day.

            But with no snow, this may again be a "15 minute" drive. It used to be the rule -out of the Squaw lot before 3 or after 7pm or else you were sitting in traffic all the way to the TC "Y'.

        2. Sonds like you're flying into Reno maybe (the taxi reference)? There is a Whole Foods and Trader Joes in Reno that you can hit before making the 45 minute drive. There are lots of good restaurants in Truckee and Northstar...Moodys, Dragonfly, Baxters, Manzanita, in addition to Squaw Valley.

          1. Thanks everyone!
            trip was great!

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                Wondering the same thing, feedback would be most helpful.