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Help me use my frozen green beans (blech!)

In an effort to eat locally year-round in Maine, I froze a bunch of green beans by blanching and then food-saving. Turns out I hate them. They seem super soggy-yet-spongy and disgusting, but I can bear to throw them away. How can I salvage them? I do have one interesting Indian recipe from Julie Sahni's book I think where you saute them in spices till their practically unrecognizable (and yet tasty!) that I may try... but we're talking a lot of beans, here.

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  1. Would roasting in a fairly hot oven with olive oil and salt dry them out and make them crispy?

    1. Braise them. Lots of braised green bean dishes are meant to be soft. A traditional loubia with olive oil, allspice, cumin, coriander and lamb would be great. Smothering them with Southern technique would be just as good.

      1. Make a green bean casserole. You could go all out crap and use Campbell's soup ;-) At least the onions on top will be crispy.

        1. Sorry they didn't turn out well!! if they were good quality, frozen GB work well in a saute with some sliced garlic, oyster sauce, hot sauce, and almonds. Tofu if you want. Better than it sounds. Add other spices as you wish. I guess if you cook them more (from what it sounds like with your situation) maybe they would be good in this preparation? I use this preparation with costco's frozen GB, which are great quality as frozen foods go.

          1. You could always use them in a soup.

            1. Sauté them with lots of garlic and stewed tomatoes.

              1. I don't have a recipe for it, but my mom makes a mock chopped liver with green beans. The flavor is in the caramelized onions and eggs and it is really delicious. Does anyone have a recipe for this?

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                    Yes, this looks very close. I think this is the healthy version- onions "sauteed" in broth and egg whites only. Either way, this is actually quite good.

                1. Greek-ish green beans stewed with tomatoes and herbs are good.
                  Here is a version: http://www.closetcooking.com/2011/08/...

                  1. a riff on hummus: green beans, garlic, tahini or sesame oil, lemon, salt, pepper.

                    1. Maybe something vaguely Greek like simmered with a bunch of canned tomatoes and oregano and garlic and a cubed potato or two. In true Greek restaurant style, you could then serve over rice.

                      1. Puree them with peas to make soup.

                        1. Yup, Julie Sahni's recipes are really good for green beans, but they will be mushed to death (but I'm from the South, and to my family, mushed-to-death = good green beans).

                          1. We froze a TON of green beans from the garden this past summer. We've been throwing them in a hot skillet with a bit of olive oil and tossing them with a dollop of bacon jam. Killer. We used garlic in the oil before we discovered bacon jam.

                            1. Tomato and bacon cover a multitude of sins... make a green bean casserole with a tomato sauce and lots of crispy bacon on top.