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Jan 6, 2012 12:14 PM

Help me use my frozen green beans (blech!)

In an effort to eat locally year-round in Maine, I froze a bunch of green beans by blanching and then food-saving. Turns out I hate them. They seem super soggy-yet-spongy and disgusting, but I can bear to throw them away. How can I salvage them? I do have one interesting Indian recipe from Julie Sahni's book I think where you saute them in spices till their practically unrecognizable (and yet tasty!) that I may try... but we're talking a lot of beans, here.

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  1. Would roasting in a fairly hot oven with olive oil and salt dry them out and make them crispy?

    1. Braise them. Lots of braised green bean dishes are meant to be soft. A traditional loubia with olive oil, allspice, cumin, coriander and lamb would be great. Smothering them with Southern technique would be just as good.

      1. Make a green bean casserole. You could go all out crap and use Campbell's soup ;-) At least the onions on top will be crispy.

        1. Sorry they didn't turn out well!! if they were good quality, frozen GB work well in a saute with some sliced garlic, oyster sauce, hot sauce, and almonds. Tofu if you want. Better than it sounds. Add other spices as you wish. I guess if you cook them more (from what it sounds like with your situation) maybe they would be good in this preparation? I use this preparation with costco's frozen GB, which are great quality as frozen foods go.

          1. You could always use them in a soup.