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Jan 6, 2012 11:38 AM

El Nacimiento - DTW

The guys at work keep coming back with carryouts from this place, they say it is the greatest Mexican restuarant in Michigan. Any comments?

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    1. Eh, it's pretty standard for Southwest Detroit fare. Nothing astounding or unique about the place and their food, to set them apart from the pack. If you do a blind taste-test of all the brick & mortar taquerias in SW Detroit (e.g. El Nacimiento, Taqueria Nuestra Familia, Los Altos, Taqueria Lupita's, Taqueria Camino Real, Mi Pueblo), you probably wouldn't be able to notice very many differences.

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        <<brick & mortar taquerías>> As opposed to what? Cyber-taquerías? : )

        It's true that basic Mexican fare is pretty consistent among these places, but I think there's an upper rung, and El Nacimiento is on it. Large variety of tacos, including goat, three salsas (one quite hot for us chile lovers), friendly folks. Any one place can vary from day to day.

        1. re: Jim M

          "<<brick & mortar taquerías>> As opposed to what? Cyber-taquerías? : )"

          As opposed to the taco trucks.

      2. I like El Nacimiento. I see very few non-hispanic diners, which to me is a sign that I might be getting something closer to authentic. The 3 salsas that come to the table are different from the standard-issue stuff from Mi Pueblo and El Rancho, two other places where I have dined in the past. I also like that sliced radishes and lime wedges accompany the salsas. I am disappointed when my taco orders come without lime and radishes, as they have elsewhere.

        I have ordered a torta with birria at El Nacimiento, pozole (blanco), and a chile relleno entree, which came with salad, rice, beans (whole or refried) and corn or wheat tortillas. The corn tortillas were delicious. I really enjoyed the chile relleno, the torta was tasty, though big and messy, and the pozole was pleasant, but didn't hold a candle to the bowls I enjoyed in Morelia and Guadalajara, Mexico last winter.

        I want to like Mi Pueblo, but I usually walk away wondering what to order the next time I go, rather than reflecting happily on what I just ate. I have tried various tacos (fish, tinga, cabeza, lengua, al pastor). I found the guacamole bland and tasteless.

        El Rancho hasn't thrilled me either of the times I ate there. The overriding taste to everything for me was salt, from the salsa to the special of the day (pork in salsa verde), to the chicken filling for burritos and enchiladas.

        My husband has good things to say about the grilled half chicken platter at Taqueria El Rey. I haven't been, so I can't comment beyond that.

        It should be noted that all meals have been weekday lunches, so I haven't experienced any of the weekend specials.