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Jan 6, 2012 11:27 AM


How would rate Carpaccio's located in Bal Harbor for food and ambience?

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  1. It is always inexplicably crowded. It's not awful but better for people watching. If you like sushi and/or Japanese food I would highly recommend Makoto which is located a few doors down.

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      Carpaccio doesn't get much love on this board, but I have been going for years and always have a good meal. The food will not blow you away, but it is consistently good, the atmosphere is great, and we always leave happy. I have been to Makoto a couple of times and it is very good.

      1. re: djs7d

        Yes, you are absolutely right. I also like Makoto very much, and whenever I'm in the mood for Japanese, it's my first choice. But Carpaccio is pleasant, and as you say, consistently good, and we always leave happy as well. I'm glad to have it in my neighborhood.

    2. I love Carpaccio.
      Yes, Makoto has great sushi, etc etc,
      But Carpaccio has wonderful service, the waitstaff are terrific, you can get half orders of pasta, you can modify anything on the menu, and.....its really good! I've tried plenty of the pasta dishes,and yes, its not Il Gabbianos, or Scarpetta, or Sardinia, or Il Mulino, but it does very nicely for a casual night out. The mall is quite pretty with all the greenery, and the people watching is not to be surpassed! No, I would not go there on a special nite out on the town, but if you want just a nice satisfying dinner, some people watching and happen to be in the area, its a really satisfying experience. Thats why its "inexplicably crowded":good food at reasonable prices, an atrractive setting, fabulous service and fun people watching.

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      1. re: susabella

        Carpaccio is just run of the mill Italian food frequented by mostly tourists. The lines yesterday were out into the parking lot!! It really is not worth the hour wait.

        We were at the Bal Harbour Mall yesterday and had lunch at Makoto and it was very busy and the food was great! There are a lot more items on the menu that just sushi. It is billed as a modern japanese restaurant and it certainly lives up to its billing.

        There must be a reason that Makoto is mentioned many times in the lists of the best restos in Miami while you don't see Carpaccio there.

        1. re: dlgc

          I'm surprised at your response to my comment about Carpaccio. If you read it, you would see that I did not say that it its a the same level as Makoto, Scarpetta, etc. I've eaten at every fine restaurant in Miami and South Beach. As I stated, it's good food at a reasonable price. If you have eaten at Carpaccio as many times as I have, you would know that the long lines are from repeat customers, not first time tourists. I believe the long lines of repeat customers speaks for itself and is a better indication of its popularity with locals than with two uninformed opinions. If you want good food, good prices and a fun place to people watch, then Carpaccio is the place to go.

          1. re: susabella

            As a resident of Bal Harbour I would not call myself uninformed . The long lines seen yesterday were certainly tourists, who were holding and some reading the menu. Most regulars don't stand in line there, and certainly don't need the menu since it has not changed since the restaurant opened years ago. I'm sure you have eaten there many times as we have, but the food is just not worth standing in line for when there are other good if not better reasonable restaurants such as Makoto in the mall.