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Jan 6, 2012 11:18 AM

P.F. Chang's ?? [moved from Ontario]

Well, a friend of mine is ecstatic that this restaurant is soon to open in Toronto. Apparently it is popular in the USA and the food is quite nice.
Has anyone tried any of their other locations and can comment.?
No info yet on location and opening date that I could see yet they are advertising positions available.

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  1. I've been once, in Hawaii. We didn't realize at the time there was more than one, but then you also realize most US restaurants are chains, even nicer ones.

    It was good, it did the job for us. Nothing transcendent, you'll probably be able to find better, but it was a good meal.

    1. I've been but it was a few years ago. The key is to realize it really isn't Chinese food. It does beat te crappy buffets which is all we have in my area for Chinese. I don't know what the menu is like now but we used to like the mongolian beef with scallions, the lettuce wraps. They did serve brown rice which was a plus.

      1. I wouldn't call it for a moment to rejoice. I have tried their 3 locations (2 in California when I was living in SF and 1 in Florida) Just your mainstream Americanized Chinese food (soon to be Candianized I guess) With the amazing level of food we have here as competition in the GTA for that kind of food I wouldn't say hallelujah its just another US brand trying to make in roads internationall nuff said. .

        1. *cough* Ginsberg and Wong *cough*

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            Haha - I remember Ginsberg and Wong! We are old! I ate at P.F. Chang's in Salt Lake City and it was okay. Not amazing & definitely not a place I would frequent (someone else wanted to eat there). But I'm sure they will find regular patrons.

          2. I have dined at many a P.F. Chang's over the years. Trust me, there is no reason for Toronto to rejoice, for two reasons.

            1. Toronto is already full of excellent *real* Asian restaurants.

            2. Toronto is already full of Pan-Asian-tailored-to-Western-palates, decorated to the hilt, lit like a nightclub, and serving Lychee martinis "bistros." So, in this context, P.F.Chang's is nothing new at all.

            It's kind of like the Cheesecake Factory (do you have those in Canada?) of Pan-Asian bistros.

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            1. re: BTaylor

              PF Changs is an American chain for folks who want to eat American Chinese Food in a Cheesecake Factory/ Moxie's setting.
              With all the choices we have here in Toronto, can't imagine why anyone would want to eat at PF Changs. It's not cheap. One would be better off going to Mandarin.