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P.F. Chang's ?? [moved from Ontario]

Well, a friend of mine is ecstatic that this restaurant is soon to open in Toronto. Apparently it is popular in the USA and the food is quite nice.
Has anyone tried any of their other locations and can comment.?
No info yet on location and opening date that I could see yet they are advertising positions available.

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  1. I've been once, in Hawaii. We didn't realize at the time there was more than one, but then you also realize most US restaurants are chains, even nicer ones.

    It was good, it did the job for us. Nothing transcendent, you'll probably be able to find better, but it was a good meal.

    1. I've been but it was a few years ago. The key is to realize it really isn't Chinese food. It does beat te crappy buffets which is all we have in my area for Chinese. I don't know what the menu is like now but we used to like the mongolian beef with scallions, the lettuce wraps. They did serve brown rice which was a plus.

      1. I wouldn't call it for a moment to rejoice. I have tried their 3 locations (2 in California when I was living in SF and 1 in Florida) Just your mainstream Americanized Chinese food (soon to be Candianized I guess) With the amazing level of food we have here as competition in the GTA for that kind of food I wouldn't say hallelujah its just another US brand trying to make in roads internationall nuff said. .

        1. *cough* Ginsberg and Wong *cough*

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            Haha - I remember Ginsberg and Wong! We are old! I ate at P.F. Chang's in Salt Lake City and it was okay. Not amazing & definitely not a place I would frequent (someone else wanted to eat there). But I'm sure they will find regular patrons.

          2. I have dined at many a P.F. Chang's over the years. Trust me, there is no reason for Toronto to rejoice, for two reasons.

            1. Toronto is already full of excellent *real* Asian restaurants.

            2. Toronto is already full of Pan-Asian-tailored-to-Western-palates, decorated to the hilt, lit like a nightclub, and serving Lychee martinis "bistros." So, in this context, P.F.Chang's is nothing new at all.

            It's kind of like the Cheesecake Factory (do you have those in Canada?) of Pan-Asian bistros.

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              PF Changs is an American chain for folks who want to eat American Chinese Food in a Cheesecake Factory/ Moxie's setting.
              With all the choices we have here in Toronto, can't imagine why anyone would want to eat at PF Changs. It's not cheap. One would be better off going to Mandarin.

            2. Upon the insistence of my friend, I tried P.F. Chang's. It was terrible. I don't think I've had more over-priced, overly salted food. My friend really enjoyed the meal. Whereas I found myself permanently stationed near a tap in an attempt to desalinate myself from the monstrosity that was dinner

              1. Please don't eat there. Mandarin is actually better than PFC.

                Toronto has so many authentic restaurants that the dine-in equivalent of Holee Chow is so un-necessary

                (I too remember Ginsberg & Wong - long time ago :) - and that is PFC to me)

                1. We go there whenever we are in Vegas, we love the fried dumplings. and I always get the double pan fried noodles.

                  1. didn't know they were coming to Canada! have to say...i love this place! always have had great food here, and my absolute favorite hot and sour soup i've had.
                    I don't mind the American version of Chinese food...ever since I had lunch at a favorite very authentic chinese restaurant beside a health inspector and the owner.
                    Couldn't help but overhear the problems the inspector was pointing out..and how a senior inspector would be coming at 7am the next day to determine closing the restaurant.
                    One particular problem was the deformed carcasses of the poultry in the kitchen..all seemed to be broken, deformed animals and even their species couldn't be determined.
                    Needless to say, my taste for small shop, authenic chinese was immediately gone.

                    1. Here's an evergreen thread on the Chains board if you'd like more info about it.

                      1. P.F. Chang's is targeted at the same people who like Spring Rolls. The most positive thing I can say is that P.F. Chang's does Chinese food a bit better than Spring Rolls does Thai. There are actually some half-decent dishes on the menu that actually bear a reasonable resemblance to something my mom would make. HOWEVER, and this is a BIG however, the amount of sodium they use in their cooking is bordering on customer abuse. And this is from someone who love salt.

                        The bottom line is that, given the quality of Chinese food we have in Toronto (even the cheap and cheerful places in Chinatown), there is no reason to rush to P.F. Chang's. Give me a plate of dumplings from Northern Dumpling Kitchen or Mother's Dumpling's any day.

                        I should add that I've eaten at P.F. Chang's numerous times in the States, as there always seems to be one wherever I travel for work and my colleagues want to go, and my very Westernized niece and nephew love the place for the Mongolian beef and the chocolate cake.

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                          I think anything I have to say would be redundant. However, I want to reinforce the point that P.F. Chang's is really not good. If I want a chain for Chinese food I will stick with Asian Legend:)

                        2. summary answer. P.F. Chang is to Chinese what Olive Garden is to Italian and what Sushi on Bloor is to Japanese. Right?

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                            I actually think PF does a pretty good job. Sure, its Americanized Asian food but at least its in a fun and funky environment with great staff, etc. pretty much every one I have been to has a wait at peak times. I would never put it on the level of Mandarin.

                            I am sure they will have great success in Canada as they have in the US...Just don't read their nutritional info

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                              I feel that olive garden and PFC is not a fair comparison. OG is one of the worst chains. I can eat PFc if suggested but I have permentaly crossed OG off my list. I think PFC is more comparable to a carrabas or macaroni grill.

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                                PF Chang is exactly like Milestones but with Chinese-inspired food. I really wouldn't be surprised if they were owned by the same company.

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                                  I was just mirroring (and in a way, mocking) the rabid anti-chain attitude on this board. By definition, any chain sucks compared to any independent. Some people here would rather die of food poisoning at an independent than caught ALIVE at an Olive Garden. You know who I'm talking about....

                                  OG is not the worst chain by any stretch. Kelly's Cajun Grill (U.S.)/Bourbon St. Grill (Canada) wins that hands down. I walked by one at a mall yesterday... I didn't know Cajun food used soy sauce and Sriracha as condiments... but there they were at the cash registers!

                              2. Overpriced and underwhelming food

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                                  +1 we have one here and I think I've been 3 times since it opened - always because other people want to go.

                                  1. I have found that it really depends upon the restaurants in your region and your expectation and experiences.

                                    Where I currently live (we are devoid of anything remotely resembling good Chinese food, sans one place). If I had grown up hear then PFC would seem very good. However I used to live very close to a Mecca of authentic Chinese and Asian restaurants and have taken culinary tours to china so with that background the PFC and the olive garden comparison seems apropos.