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Jan 6, 2012 11:13 AM

CA hounds seeking suggestions near hwys 17 & 101, also 10 & 17

Hello Phoenix hounds,

Spousette & I will be coming into town (from Berkeley) to visit relatives, including cousins who live just northeast of the intersection of highways 17 & 101. We want to take them out to dinner but googling reveals only a zillion franchises. Their suggestion is Mellow Mushroom. Can we do better?

Nothing too adventurous -- we have some elders who rarely eat anything non-Chinese, & the cousins are not foodies.
Budget to moderate -- say under $20/entree.
We would prefer not to drive all over the place to dinner, but if there really is nothing in that neighborhood, we'd rather go a little bit out of the way for good food.
Also we are not big meat-eaters, so don't send us to a steakhouse or burger place ;)

Also, we will be staying w/ granny off Hwy 10, exit 139 (51st Av.) if you have any suggestions around there for general noshing apart from the above dinner.

Thanks in advance for any & all suggestions!

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  1. I don't have the knowhow to make suggestions about the northern area, but you're in luck; one of our most discriminating Chowhounds knows the area and probably has many non-chain suggestions. I know that not to far west of there is Arrowhead Grill. Paging Rubee -?

    51st Ave and I-10 doesn't have a ton outside of truck stops, but due north several miles beween 51st and 59th Ave on Glendale Ave is the downtown district of the city of Glendale, and there are some really good finds there, nothing I'd steer people away from. La Piazza Al Forno is a certified VPN Napoli-style pizza place, A Taste of European bakery and cafe, Haus Murphy for good homey German food. All pretty casual, nothing too exotic.

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      Thanks so much! Will check out Glendale! -- I always did want to know where the closest good-food neighborhood was from granny's :)

      I looked at the Arrowhead Grill menu -- not quite what we are looking for since we don't really eat steak, & coming from West Coast it doesn't make sense to eat seafood in Phoenix. So, eagerly awaiting more northern tips....

    2. Thanks Themis!

      I'm sure this is too late, but agree with Themis on her suggestions for the Glendale spots. Mellow Mushroom is actually one of the better choices in the Happy Valley Center as that area has mainly chains.

      I should add that one of the reasons I'm a fan of Arrowhead Grill is because it's not a typical steakhouse with just steaks and seafood. You can order entrees such as beef stroganoff, soy-glazed steak with wasabi mashed potatoes, or a wood-fire roasted chicken carved tableside and sides like hominy with bacon or grits, for example, and I love their green chile burger.Some of my favorite apps are clam chowder, deviled eggs, or grilled artichokes. Sides I often order as my entree are shrimp and grits, green chili mac and cheese, or lobster mashed potatoes.

      Arrowhead Grill
      8280 West Union Hills Road, Glendale, AZ 85308

      1. If you're OK with cheap and cheerful, an excellent possibility is Chino Bandido, a few miles south of there on 19th Avenue and Greenway. I've never seen anything like the place. It's TOTALLY no frills quick service; order at the counter, and your food comes out in a foil to-go tray, with plastic forks and disposable chopsticks. They serve Mexican and Chinese food, together if you wish. We're talking egg foo yung quesadillas if you're so inclined. And dinner comes with a complimentary snickerdoodle.

        Oh, let them know it's your first time there (although they usually figure it out quickly from the confused stare of people encountering the menu for the first time), they have samples of a bunch of the most popular dishes.